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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone! My name is Jamie and I'm from the great state of Alabama! Lol. First I want to thank the people and team members from the Aquarium Co-op! Only recently have I gotten into planted aquariums! I've gotten a lot of useful info and insight into this beautiful hobby! And over the last few weeks I've ordered and purchased from them online! The feedback and customer service has been outstanding! Everything has been promptly shipped and the attention to detail is spot on! I look forward to the months coming ahead! And it's great getting all the different opinions on the forums! I need all the help I can get! Lol
  2. Patrick here, fish keeper for around 40 years. (Since I was around 9 so, successful fish keeper for about 30 years) Just moved my 75g community to a planted 125g (helped fund Cory's next trip with a plant order) and converted the 75 to a mbuna tank, joined the channel, and hopped on the forum. No lfs here, just chains, also no local club, so I'm making this my club. Thanks for existing, I know I do!
  3. Does anyone have any tips for starting and maintaining an aquarium club? My area doesn't have one right now, and am interested in getting one started, just not sure where to start. Thanks!
  4. Could use some encouragement or help! I'm a little discouraged. I had gotten three Alabama dwarf crays from a pretty reliable place (aquaticarts) and over a period of several months they died off. One juvenile male, a young adult male, and a young adult female. The first one to stop appearing was the youngest, I saw what I thought was a molt shell one day but soon realized he must have actually died (maybe a month after I got them). My female had berried for a while and then lost the eggs, and then got a new batch again but suddenly she disappeared about 1 month or so after the first. My older male has just disappeared two weeks ago, and I've confirmed he is definitely gone. They all seemed pretty active until they just disappeared. I never saw my fish harass any of them, plus they have quite a bit of hiding spaces. What could be happening? and I'm afraid to try again since they were pretty expensive. I also just lost a corydora which was sad, I think he just got himself stuck in the shrimp hut thing. But still adds on to the problems. Tankmates: orange rili shrimp (? accidentally got them from the LFS long time ago, breed like crazy and are doing great), dwarf gourami, 4 guppies, 4 corydoras, 5 cardinal tetras, and 2 nerites, and MTS and pond snails. Tank parameters are always good: 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 5-10 nitrates, temp is usually 78*F, we have very hard water and a high pH (in the 8.2-8.4 ish range I think), 29 gallon Tank is pictured below along with one of the crayfish after I first got them. Besides the gourami checking them out the first day he's never appeared to notice or bother them. He loves to eat too much though, little food pig..
  5. I had the aquarium affliction in high school and at my first duty station in the Army but moving all the time quickly had me boxing up my tanks to never be unpacked again. My life is a little more stable now with the exception of 3-4 day flights as a pilot (ala "PlaneFishGuy")that will keep me away from my tanks. Looking forward to getting back into the hobby and excited to see what innovation has happened in the last 20 years since I packed up my tanks. I am starting back with a 14.5 gallon cube, easy to keep plants, and hoping to add tetras, and shrimp once established. Cant wait to learn, and hope to make a meaningful contribution to the group in the future. -PFG
  6. Celly from Bama here. Celly and Bama are both nicknames, of course. I grew up in the South, lived in Iowa for a spell and also Rhode Island. Also, have lived in Texas and Louisiana, but not chronologically. I have lived in Alabama and Iowa twice. I have an introduction already hitched onto Cory's Start here first thread. But I wanted to share this panoramic of my tank. Amazingly, I can only spot one fish out of 40 in this pic, but when I found it, I laughed. I've always thought their eyes from the front look like headlights. It is dark in my room, so the dark side of the tank looks darker than normal, and even though it is essentially fishless, I actually like the photograph.
  7. Hey guys, my name is Ben and I'm 18 years old. I've been keeping tanks since I was 14 years old and have worked at a local fish store since May 2018. Here are some of my tanks!
  8. Good Afternoon, My name is Brandon and I’m 25 and live in Alabama with my Wife. I want to make sure I’m keeping a good community tank. My tank has been running for 9 months. In my 29 gallon I have a pre filter coarse and a coarse pad from Aquarium Co Op In my HOB. I would say the tank is 50% planted with Sword, Anubias, Jave fern, Pogo Stellas. Fish Stocking-3 big adult cherry shrimp, Nerite snails, I have 4 female platys and 1 male. Which have been doing Phenomenal! I’ve sold 20 babies at 1in twice to my local fish store. I just traded my last batch of 20 platys for 2 2in clown loaches. Also picked up 3 female and 1 male molly for breeding purposes. I have a 6 foot long sweet potato plant attached to my HOB filter as well with 12 inch roots that go into my tank. My 3 Julli Corys are in QT battling a Bacterial infection. I’m worried of how the clown loaches are going to fit in!! Any suggestions? So far I’m in the process of removing my shrimp and snails. They don’t bother my shrimp so far but are destroying my snails even big ones!
  9. HI everyone! New guy here from Alabama. I never knew this forum existed until the yesterday when I was listening to Cory's live stream from the other day. I have always had tanks in my life ever since I was a young kid. As an adult I have always had tanks until a few years ago when we had to give up our 55 gallon because of a move. We purchased a new home last year and now we can fit tanks again, but we have been busy with the home. Then earlier this year my son really wanted a small tank for his birthday, and then I put together a slightly larger tank for the corner in our living room. Then the other day I was able to score a 60 gallon, so I have been tackling that project.
  10. Hi! I live in southern Alabama and have MTS. I’d love to have my own pet store or at least run one when I grow up haha. I currently have 16 goldfish, a blue ram, gourami, 2 tetras I inherited, and two axolotls. My gourami has some sort of fungus so I purchased some meds and plan on dosing after their water change later today. We have an empty salt water tank that our clown trigger fish will be moving into when it arrives next week!! Yay! All of the golds are planning to get moved to the other empty tank that is in progress right now. We purchased the 160 (we think?) bow front drilled tank for $200 and it came with a puny broken stand that my wonderful boyfriend replaced with the custom (near done) one in the picture. We’re currently trying to figure out how to handle the trim. Any suggestions are very welcome!! We bought some steel but it has proven to be quite a task. So excited for this community!!
  11. Hey guys. Avid Youtube and Facebook community lurker here. Maybe an old-school forum is just what I need to get myself posting about my tanks. Pic is of my 40 breeder full of humpback lamia, blue platies and a very spoiled featherfin catfish, and on the bottom is my 29 gallon guppy tank (where also my king betta lives). I also have a 75 with two senegal bichirs and a cetnopoma, a five gallon betta tank, a five gallon pea puffer tank, and a 5 gallon pink ramshorn tank.
  12. Hi everyone! I live in Birmingham, Alabama (US) but born and raised in India. I started the hobby just four months ago. Below are some pics of my 30 gallon. I just bought ANOTHER 30 gallon that's in the midst of its first nitrogen cycle. Tank History: This current tank has a lot of plants that seem to be doing well. I have java ferns, elodeas, amazon sword, anubias, cabomba and a water lily. Below is my fish list: Unfortunately, two of my guppies died within the past week. The three remaining guppies are inactive and just float in a dark corner of the tank. I have no idea why 😞 My parameters are great and I do 50% PWCs every week. I've also had two snails die because they got stuck in the intake tube of my Aquaclear HOB filter. I've fixed the issue since. Anyway, I've also had snail eggs and cory eggs laid in the tank but haven't produced any hatchlings because I have no idea how to take care of them. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you all like the pics
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