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  1. Thanks for this. I am thinking it should be fine but thought I should ask for other people's experience incase I accidentally have a major issue ahah
  2. Thanks for this I think you could be right here. Do I done with an anti fungal or just monitor?
  3. Yeah I would say chuck some veggies in. A slice of zucchini with a fork sticking through it is my go to (the fork weighs it down). I dont even blanch mine, and they love it
  4. Hey all, I’ve been meaning to ask a question about one of my rams in the trio I have in a community 4ft planted tank. I have 2 who are dominant, have bold colours and territories within the tank that they spar over. I have another who I suspect may be a female, as there is little aggression from the other 2 towards this fish. Firstly, are there any good ways to sex rams? secondly, it has a pinkish tummy so I’m wondering if that’s got anything to do with anything. thirdly, I’ve noticed a bit of a spot on its head. It doesn’t look like ich but I’m not sure what it is,does anyone have any guesses? I freaked when something like his happened to my beta but it was just colour development in the scales so I’m guessing it could be this but I’m pretty new to the hobby so any advice would be appreciated :)) I tried to take a photo where you can see it.
  5. Hey crew, I hope everyone is doing really well. About 2 weeks ago I bought a few tetras rather spontaneously and didn’t have a quarantine tank so I bought this plastic tub from Bunnings (An Australian hardware store). It’s not too rigid and is 50L - although I haven’t been filing it completely. should I be worried about the set up spontaneously combusting?? There is some bowing of the plastic but it’s doing quite well and I haven’t noticed any cracks or anything like that. Im slightly worried it will burst or something but don’t know if this is just an irrational fear - so advice and experience would be greatly appreciated. Also I pulled a spawn from a bristlenose fair i have in a community tank who have been breeding in the driftwood but I’ve only just given them a cave. I have another bristlenose breeding project on the go but can’t see I to the cave and let them colony breed - so the babies stay in (I have multiple spawns in that tank. It’s pretty incredible to see how many babies there are. Even though I’ve got a tank teeming with them seeing the bucket full of fry is pretty crazy :)) PS. I hope no one has a breakdown over the rainbow gravel - I had it lying around after a 2nd hand tank purchase and wanted something ASAP so it got the call up haha
  6. Hey, I believe these black spots are egg shells. Also, question leading from discussions above, will a colder temperature mean that the eggs do not hatch, or just that they will take longer to hatch. Cheers
  7. So the eggs seem to the falling and collecting at the bottom, does this mean that they haven’t hatched?? Ive let the bottle settle and the waters almost clear now with all the eggs in the cap 😕
  8. Thanks @anewbie. How much bbs do you get from that because theyre kinda small arent they?
  9. Alrighty crew, Ive just changed from the ocean nutrition brine shrimp eggs mixed with salt to the ones not mixed with salt. Ive also scaled up my operation to hatch out a lot more BBS. BUT, my issue is that I dont feel as though the shells are separating very well from the BBS. Im wondering if anyone else has had similar issues and how they overcame them. Cheers!
  10. The little babies got their first meal of BBS today. Unfortunately, due to me spilling a completed batch of bbs the day before they were off their yolks (GRRRRR), they had to wait a day before getting on the bbs, eating a powder instead. I notices SUCH a difference with feeding the BBS though they LOVED it! My sieve came in the mail today so I'm very excited to be churning out BBS and feeding to my babies :)) PS. Excuse the reflections in the photo ://
  11. This is a really cool resource, I'm keen to give it a crack. Out of interest, do you follow this with a great routine or just here-or there when you feel compelled. Again, thanks, this looks so cool
  12. WOW i LOVE your tank! That is serious so gorgeous! I love how dense it is, your fish must thrive
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