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Found 5 results

  1. Hey crew, I hope everyone is doing really well. About 2 weeks ago I bought a few tetras rather spontaneously and didn’t have a quarantine tank so I bought this plastic tub from Bunnings (An Australian hardware store). It’s not too rigid and is 50L - although I haven’t been filing it completely. should I be worried about the set up spontaneously combusting?? There is some bowing of the plastic but it’s doing quite well and I haven’t noticed any cracks or anything like that. Im slightly worried it will burst or something but don’t know if this is just an irrational fear - so advice and experience would be greatly appreciated. Also I pulled a spawn from a bristlenose fair i have in a community tank who have been breeding in the driftwood but I’ve only just given them a cave. I have another bristlenose breeding project on the go but can’t see I to the cave and let them colony breed - so the babies stay in (I have multiple spawns in that tank. It’s pretty incredible to see how many babies there are. Even though I’ve got a tank teeming with them seeing the bucket full of fry is pretty crazy :)) PS. I hope no one has a breakdown over the rainbow gravel - I had it lying around after a 2nd hand tank purchase and wanted something ASAP so it got the call up haha
  2. I know Cory has mentioned where he got his ponds from but I can’t remember what video I saw it. Does anyone know or can provide any insight?
  3. I bought a 100 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank to use as an indoor pond. I sealed the drain plug with silicone very heavily in hopes that it won't leak. Is there any other things I should worry about with this on the floor. I'm in the basement BTW.
  4. As soon as our basement remodel is complete I will be setting up my first pond. I’ve purchased a 300 gallon Rubbermaid tote. I made a DIY canister filter (5 gallon Lowe’s bucket) filled with bio rings and coarse sponge from Aquarium Co-Op. I acquired an Eheim 1262 pump, which I’ve never used. Will this be too overwhelming for my DIY canister? I’m using 1” PVC and 1” to 3/4” flex tubing.
  5. Would like to know what those crates Cory has in the fish room is called really wanna get some for summer tubbing
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