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Found 9 results

  1. Hi friends!! I'm in the market for a fish keeping journal for my tank(s)...I have tried multiple apps, but they really aren't doing it for me. I like having a physical book to write in...just because it's so easy to access (IMO). If you were to create a journal to keep track of a tank...or maybe all of your tanks...what would it look like? What would HAVE to be in it to make it useful to you? For me, I'd definitely want: Page(s) for livestock (with a spot for date and number added, water requirements, a way to keep track of losses, and maybe a spot for a sketch or a photo) Page(s) for plants (similar to livestock pages) Monthly/yearly budget pages to keep track of spending (slash...do I really want to know?) Weekly spreads for water stats and maintenance notes What would your journal look like? 🤓 What things would you want to keep track of? 🤔
  2. How do you keep track of your nano fish in a 90 or large tank. I always feel like I am missing somebody. Planted tank!
  3. In the most recent live stream, Cory talked a lot about how we don’t know the medical history of our fish. I think that if we’re going to be breeding fish and bringing them to our LFS, it’s a good idea to give them that medical history (and other background info) when we drop our fish off. (Cory talks about that too in his breeding for profit series.) I thought I’d share the sheet I used when I dropped off my first batch of baby honeys in case it’s helpful to anyone else as a template. Fish Delivery template - Google Docs DOCS.GOOGLE.COM Date of dropoff My Name My phone number myemail@gmail.com Delivery to: _Local Fish Store Name_ Town, State Item 1: Honey Gouramis (3) Date of birth: 8/30/20 Genders: 2 male, 1 female (best guess) Foods: BBS... I’m not sure how much of it they owner read or really needed but at least it was there if he wanted it.
  4. Use dry erase marker on fish tanks to remember water changes use mag float to erase.
  5. I am thinking about keeping records for my aquariums. I think I would like to track water parameters, foods fed, tank events. Maybe even miscellaneous stuff like water changes. I am leaning towards an old fashioned notebook, sort of a daily diary. But the techie in me is saying, no…not paper, go electronic like Word or Excel. I want some easy otherwise I am concerned I will not keep up with it in the long run.
  6. I'm realizing now after two months that I wish I'd kept better records during the setup process. When I added new fish/plants, when and how many fry were born, etc. I'm sure I could recreate some data by looking at receipts, but I'm definitely planning to create a spreadsheet when I start my next tank! Is anyone else a nerd for documentation? Tell me about your tracking tools and methods!
  7. Hi, I set up three nano tanks last Wednesday and everything seems to be going really well. My plants are all growing nicely.. lots of new leaves and dangly root sprouts. My two hitchhiker snails are about 300x bigger than when I found them. I have the tetra 6in1 dip tests for now. I decided to test my water every 3 days to see what's going on with it. I keep reading about the cycle.. I'm just not sure what's going on at the moment! I'm collecting my data and making a spreadsheet. Things got even more confusing when I downloaded the app and it gave me different readings. So now I have two spreadsheets.. one by eye, and one by the app. Which one should I trust? I know already I don't trust the KH on the app.. the colour my camera captured was nothing like I saw on the strip! Which also kept changing before my eyes. If anyone could look at my numbers and explain to me what's going on I'd be super grateful ☺️ also, if there's anything I could do to improve my setup. Also.. any idea how the app gave me a co2 reading? Thank you so much
  8. I am beginning to realize it is not the exact method I use to keep records in my fishroom that matters. What is important is the discipline to record the things that I do. Since I had the idea to begin keeping records yesterday, I have made up new batches of brine shrimp and white worms. I have done water changes. My order of plants from the Aquarium Co-Op arrived and those went into my aquariums. I even did a water quality test on my baby discus tank. But the only thing that has been documented so far are the water quality test results. And that went into my good old fashioned notebook. Consistency will be the key to this, and I don't have it yet.
  9. Today I asked the forum for ideas on keeping records in the fishroom. @Lynze and @Irene, both like Excel spreadsheets. @Ryan S. and @Jon G have had a good experience with the Aquarium Note app (looks like it is Android only). @DaveSamsell and @Exit31 prefer good old paper (paper wins when it come to sketches and illustrations). But what caught my attention was @Bill Smith and his suggestion about Trello, a free project management app. It lets you make lists and keep track of your upcoming tasks and your completed tasks. @Bill Smith's implementation of Trello looks impressive. I might end up trying paper, Excel and Trello just to see which one works out the best for me in the long run. I am on IOS so I am unable to try Aquarium Note. So, later this afternoon I will run some water quality tests and enter the information into a notebook, a spreadsheet and Trello. Let's see which one I can keep up with the longest.
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