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  1. The tank wasn’t put in storage. It has been cycling with fish as we have been adding fish slowly to the display tank. But it does bring up the question about my water test, I used the api strips. Let me test with the API test kit.
  2. It is an established tank i turned into a hospital tank when we bought a 55 gallon tank. The ich is not completely gone but I can continue to do water changes. How long will it take before it resolves typically?
  3. Nitrate : 0 ammonia: 0 nitrite:0 10 gallon tank when I bought home the neon tetra I notice one them didn’t have a bottom jaw, he died shortly after, then noticed 2 other tetra also had it and they died, out of 9 neon 4 died. They are in a tank with 2 glo tetras. I started Maracyn treatment and didn’t treat ich until after the 1 course, but noticed they now have fin rot. Finished 2nd course of maracyn not much change. Not sure what else to do. This is my hospital tank not sure if I should sterilize the tank or what other steps I should take. I tried the soak method for 4 days. First photo is the no bottom jaw pic, last photo is most recent.
  4. I am new to the hobby and watching them helps we decompress from a long day
  5. I just had to share this video, our blue glo tetra-Cosmo, won’t let go of the Hikari sinking wafer and won’t let it touch the ground. Enjoy! DontDropIt
  6. Thanks everyone for the info! I am going give Mango a beak before next treatment and leave sponge filter in.
  7. Dreaded ich...sigh. I had a question about sponge filter. Currently my glotetra is in a 5 gallon quarantine tank, temp 76. I treated with the 3-med trio. The pic below is after 4 days, ready to do water change. My question was when treating ich should I remove the sponge filter and only keep the air stone? Also, still seeing ich, should I treat it another 5 days? Thanks everyone for your help!
  8. I read a lot of different views on substrate for corys and also have same question. I am using eco-complete would that be okay for panda Cory? It feels a little sharp.
  9. Hello everyone!! Very excited to join forum. I am new to this hobby and love the Co-op videos. Started off with small 10 gallon tank with neon tetras and starting a new planted 55 gallon tank.
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