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Found 8 results

  1. i dont even know what to do anymore i feel like giving up entirely i found her with unilateral popeye in her tank, the parameters were fine and have been so in the tank for over a year. the popped eye was cloudy though i placed her into a quarantine tank, that i had to set up right then and there so it wasnt the ideal condition but i started to treat her with salt and the swelling went down a lot but the eye was still cloudy so i treated her with mardel maracyn the past few days she was eating fine but now she wont eat at all the top of her mouth has rotted away and there is a white protrusion from the bottom of the eye what do i even do i cant find furan 2 and everyone say get furan two, i have some in food form but she wont eat i started her on neoplex but i done know if that would work i dont know what to do anymore ive lost so many betta in the last few months i want to just quit entirely i cant handle so many of my babies dying left and right, i feel like ive killed them all
  2. I have 2 Harlequin rasboras that have each turned up with a tiny white speck on their lower lips. Water is changed weekly (25%). Gravel is vacuumed bi-weekly, at which time the spong filter also gets cleaned. Ammonia is 0, pH is steady from week-to-week at 7.2, nitrate (20 gallon planted tank) is steady at 20 ppm, temperature 77 degrees. The other 5 rasboras and their tank mates (5 ember tetras, and 3 albino corys) all look fine. Any idea what this might be?
  3. My Jeffrey’s lips are deteriorating. I first got him from a carnival and he’s about 9 years old and 4 inches long. It first started with cotton mouth looking lips. I tried aquarium salt, pimafix, and hydrogen peroxide dabbed on the lips with a Q-tip, but nothing worked. It ended up getting worse. I just recently got a multiple water testing kit, which covers general hardness, nitrite, nitrate, free chlorine, carbonate, and ph. I’m waiting for my API® E.M. Erythromycin to arrive, so I can see if that’ll help. Does anyone know what I can do help him? I’m not sure I’m ready to let him go yet. His friend is starting to get it too, but hers is not as intense as his.
  4. We have a 9 year old goldfish who suddenly, a few months back, started to develop mouth deformities. She gets blisters which then pop (after thrashing) resulting in peeling skin. It then heels and starts all over again. Water levels look ok- no3 20, no2 0, ph 7.5, kh 180. Gh is 0 bc we have a water softener however we have always had it and never seemed to affect her. I tried aquarium salt and also API fin rot but has not helped. Any help would be appreciated. I don’t want her to suffer.
  5. Hi folks, I'll do the whole introduction on my second post, but for now I'm concerned about my fish. I'll link a detailed video below. Basically, my poor tetra's face seems to be falling off! I'm not sure if it's disease, because this seems to have happened in a matter of hours. But if it's not disease, I'm at a loss. There are no "aggressive" species in the tank, and my parameters are all normal. Any help is appreciated 🙂
  6. Nitrate : 0 ammonia: 0 nitrite:0 10 gallon tank when I bought home the neon tetra I notice one them didn’t have a bottom jaw, he died shortly after, then noticed 2 other tetra also had it and they died, out of 9 neon 4 died. They are in a tank with 2 glo tetras. I started Maracyn treatment and didn’t treat ich until after the 1 course, but noticed they now have fin rot. Finished 2nd course of maracyn not much change. Not sure what else to do. This is my hospital tank not sure if I should sterilize the tank or what other steps I should take. I tried the soak method for 4 days. First photo is the no bottom jaw pic, last photo is most recent.
  7. Any help? My female praecox rainbow developed some weird swelling on her lower jaw and is only staying at the surface of the water. I just did a water change yesterday but im not sure what could be affecting her. The male praecox is doing fine and the guppy fry in there are doing great too. Water temp is at 80 degrees, but I brought it down to 75.
  8. Hello everyone, My betta has been losing colour quite a bit, so I assumed I just bought an already older one when I got him in the spring. The size difference between him and my October betta is significant. He’s also gotten a lot slower. Yesterday I noticed something that originally looked white on his mouth from above when I fed him. Was in a rush going to work so I didn’t have time to look more. Today, however, I’m starting to think he has a mouth wound. He is still able to gulp air and eat, but he is definitely showing less enthusiasm. Thoughts?
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