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Found 8 results

  1. Recently, my female betta got mouth rot, and I've started to treat with https://www.petsathome.com/product/interpet-anti-fungus-and-fin-rot-aquarium-treatment-100ml/7122140P?productId=7122140&purchaseType=one-time&volume=100ml, as a dip treatment but according to some its harmful for fish so can someone recommend me some stuff! This is her, she's barely an inch long and my first betta!
  2. TCoach

    Molly Rescue

    So, local Petco gave me this one Molly as a rescue given the mouth infection it has. I'm known at the store as a fish rescuer/medic, but more on the saltwater side. Due to the active infection, I set up an emergency tank (had a 3.5 gal I had by my desk). Put him/her in the tank with a tbsp or so of Instant Ocean salt, general cure, Ich-x, and Maracyn. Hoping it will make a quick recovery. Any suggestions for other treatments other than time? I'm using an air uplift system to circulate the water. So lot of air being added to the water with all the meds in it. Thanks! -TCoach
  3. This is our 8-year-old goldfish, Bruce. These ulcers appeared on her mouth this morning and her poop has been thin and stringy. Is this hole in the head? What can we do for her? She is in an unheated 75 gallon tank with regular water changes using our well water. All water parameters are good and nothing has been changed in months, since the addition of some jungle val. She shares her tank with 1 apple snail and 20 white cloud mountain minnows.
  4. Lama

    Mouth fungus?

    Hello. We have a 15 gallon planted tank with 7 harlequin rasboras, 3 Corydora hasbrosus, 3 cherry shrimp, and several snails. I would appreciate advice on treatment of the rasboras. Several of them started having trouble with white bumps by and on their mouths. They and the shrimp were the original inhabitants of the tank and unfortunately went through the tank cycling (before I knew a thing about water chemistry!). They survived and seemed fine for a couple weeks or so until I noticed the white spots on some of their mouths. At that time they also were glass surfing a lot, despite normal water parameters. I treated the tank with a course of ich-x, ParaCleanse, and Maracyn; the five day course. But the some of them still have smaller white spots. The glass surfing has stopped and they seem happy. My next thought was to set up a hospital tank (I just now am gathering items for) and try dosing with salt. But I was also wondering, if I should just continue dosing with ich-x or a combination of ich-x and Maracyn to see if I can get the spots to go away completely? Yesterday was day 5 of the meds trio treatment. The corys are relatively new to the tank and I worry about overtaxing their systems and that is why I was considering trying salt next with the rasboras in a hospital tank. Any advice is valued greatly. pH 6.8, KH 4, 0 nitrites, ammonia and nitrates. The highest levels (on different days) while cycling were: 7.8 pH, .5 ppm ammonia, 2 ppm nitrites, and 5ppm nitrates.
  5. i dont even know what to do anymore i feel like giving up entirely i found her with unilateral popeye in her tank, the parameters were fine and have been so in the tank for over a year. the popped eye was cloudy though i placed her into a quarantine tank, that i had to set up right then and there so it wasnt the ideal condition but i started to treat her with salt and the swelling went down a lot but the eye was still cloudy so i treated her with mardel maracyn the past few days she was eating fine but now she wont eat at all the top of her mouth has rotted away and there is a white protrusion from the bottom of the eye what do i even do i cant find furan 2 and everyone say get furan two, i have some in food form but she wont eat i started her on neoplex but i done know if that would work i dont know what to do anymore ive lost so many betta in the last few months i want to just quit entirely i cant handle so many of my babies dying left and right, i feel like ive killed them all
  6. Hi there, I’ve had bettas for years now and never have had any issues with disease. This is new for me and I don’t see much online except that it’s a sign of columnaris? My bettas mouth looks like it’s being eaten away. And he has a large “pimple” (maybe a tumor?) right in front of his right eye. It almost looks like it’s filled with liquid. When he swims around the glass and sometimes bumps his head on the glass you can see it smoosh. I’ve tried Kanaplex, Para Cleanse, Melafix, and Pimafix (not at the same time) but nothing is working. Has anyone seen this before? All I could find is that it’s columnaris but not sure... I’ve had him about a year and 5 months now. Feed him 1-2 pellets a day and fast day on Sundays. Water parameters look fine and “normal”. 0 Nitrite, 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrate, pH is about 7.2. That’s normal where I live. He is in a well planted and definitely cycled 5 gal Fluval tank and has nerite snails and about 20 mixed color shrimp with him. Not sure where this came from.
  7. My Jeffrey’s lips are deteriorating. I first got him from a carnival and he’s about 9 years old and 4 inches long. It first started with cotton mouth looking lips. I tried aquarium salt, pimafix, and hydrogen peroxide dabbed on the lips with a Q-tip, but nothing worked. It ended up getting worse. I just recently got a multiple water testing kit, which covers general hardness, nitrite, nitrate, free chlorine, carbonate, and ph. I’m waiting for my API® E.M. Erythromycin to arrive, so I can see if that’ll help. Does anyone know what I can do help him? I’m not sure I’m ready to let him go yet. His friend is starting to get it too, but hers is not as intense as his.
  8. Nitrate : 0 ammonia: 0 nitrite:0 10 gallon tank when I bought home the neon tetra I notice one them didn’t have a bottom jaw, he died shortly after, then noticed 2 other tetra also had it and they died, out of 9 neon 4 died. They are in a tank with 2 glo tetras. I started Maracyn treatment and didn’t treat ich until after the 1 course, but noticed they now have fin rot. Finished 2nd course of maracyn not much change. Not sure what else to do. This is my hospital tank not sure if I should sterilize the tank or what other steps I should take. I tried the soak method for 4 days. First photo is the no bottom jaw pic, last photo is most recent.
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