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  1. Just in time for the Holidays, Cory has setup his Christmas tank.
  2. For Cory's Grandmother....
  3. Hits a little too close to home
  4. Gotta love the Ziss Blender....
  5. Master Breeder Dean turned on his BBS signal light....need more eggs! Dadadada...we're on our way!
  6. Found a new use for some old heaters I had from back in the day. This is a test run to see how it works. I do have a eheim 50watt that does fit down the opening in the top, but with following Cory's directions, the water would be down a ways from the minimum recommended water level indicated on the heater, so I wasn't brave enough to see if it would still work without cracking the heater.
  7. Thanks Cory for taking the time to create a better place for the community. I got a l chuckle out of the last image on screen when you ended the livestream today. 🙂 There's Donuts?
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