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  1. Ok yes I have seen them like that. So does that mean it just "shed its skin" then?
  2. So I have had some cherry chrimp and some blue shrimp about 4 of each, they are in a 16 gallon planted tank with a betta and some otto and 2 guppies. Water parameters are good 7ph 0ammonia 0nitrite 0nitrate the co2 I have is the fluval set up from petsmart and I have a fluval indicator to make sure no excess co2 is present. And so far I have lost about 5 shrimp the last one was a red one whom still had some red, usually I just find the white dead body.. and I noticed also that there's baby red shrimp in the tank now.. the only thing that has changed is that there's some algae in the wood but that algae has a while of being there, it's the brown type. Wood has been there since the beginning though so not a new addition. I just don't know why they are dying. Fertilizer is seachem flourish safe for shrimp and water changes i use prime. At this point I am lost. Any help is appreciated
  3. Update yes it's alive. I did put him face down on a piece of driftwood and now he's halfway up the wood. And as for the assassin I am doing my research but it seems to be normal I just don't know how long he'll be there for
  4. In my opinion I would try it since shrimp aren't really that big. But it would be up to you. I have 6 active tanks and I have a clean up crew in all. Even in my 6 gallon I have a betta with a corydora and a pleco to try and keep everything clean. In my 16 gallon I have a few plants and 1 betta 4 guppies 1 Cory 1 pleco and 2 snails. I added 5 shrimps because I noticed the snails tend to just stick to rocks or glass only. And I want to see if the shrimp will keep the plants clean.
  5. So this snail has been in this position for almost a whole day. Is this normal? Also in different tank my assassin snail seems to have dug itself in the soil and hasn't been out in about a day as well... am I killing snails here?? (No pic of the assassin snail cause it's burrowed lol)
  6. I own 16. Have six active and about to purchase 2 more
  7. Love the set up sounds interesting only thing I can suggest although I may be wrong and hopefully more seasoned people here can let us know but algae control in plants is better with shrimp not just snails alone... this I say from experience my snails stuck to rock and glass but not plants much, which is why I have now added shrimp to my small tanks and ottocinclus to my bigger tanks. I also like how planted tanks look with some shrimps in there. But either way good luck and hopefully you post pictures up to see the set up in its glory
  8. I threw in a couple of small yoyo loaches in a tank where I have a pest snail infestation, currently like over 50 small snails 6 bigger snails and over 20 egg sacks all over the walls and stuff. Will those 2 be enough to maybe cut down drastically the amount of snails or is it just way too many at this point?
  9. I have a female guppy who had about 50 fry. Is that normal amount?
  10. The neon or cardinals have been my ultimate goal and worst failure, I can't seem to keep them alive, I have tried 2 times but I'm hopeful one day lol. But the danio I think I will give that a try.
  11. I need advice on how to handle a bully situation, I have 3 dalmatian mollies that I bought at the same time they are just about the same size too. I have them in a 50 gallon with some plants and I have a female beta in there and a female guppy that needed a break from being chased all day by 3 male guppies. I have noticed recently that one dalmatian bullies the other fish in the tank. The beta keeps to herself in the plants, so I mostly see the dalmatian bully the other two and sometimes the guppy specially when feeding time comes.. what should I do? Add more dalmatian? Other type of fish maybe? Or just remove the one fish to another tank?
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