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  1. 5 months ago I casually mentioned to my Fiancée I wouldn’t mind keeping an aquarium, now she bombards me with stuff for my new hobby. I love her to death. Now I’m at a point with my tanks that I have engorged information and it has somewhat paralyzed me. What is next and how can I be better? My plants are not looking good in my 10 gallon, I’m fighting ICK now as well, White Algae/Mold is cropping up and I keep vacuuming it away. I added more bottom feeders (trouble w/ snails only shrimp) and stopped feeding as much but nada. Perfect time for my Molly to birth. 3 Molly, 2 balloon Molly, 2 guppy, and 2 loach. I was gifted loaches from a moving friend and I couldn’t find space for a 20+ tank for them. My 5 gallon has slight ICK, the plants have tons of new growth, so does algae. 2 Molly, 1 balloon Molly. My Molly fry I moved into a 2 1/2 before my ICK issues but that tank is in need help with white algae/mold, so more shrimp it is, nada. 37 Molly fry I don’t have a picture of when the 10 gallon was bad but I had to take the thing almost apart to clean everything. 8/9 hour lighting all tanks. I will except any advice, thoughts, good intentions, or scrutiny at this point to become learned. Thank You for support.
  2. Hello! I would like to know if my fish are pregnant. My white Molly had fry 1 month as of this Friday. Can she be pregnant again that fast?
  3. Morning nerms! So this morning I noticed two of my four mollies in my 37g community have what my initial assessment/panic seemed to be some kind of ich or fungal infection that looks like small gray/translucent bumps on the side of body; however they are not small white specks like ich, they are semi-random but looks more like their natural slime coat color, non-uniform in size. No other fish in this tank (barbs, kuhlis, bn pleco, betta) show any similar signs of potential illness/stress at this time. I isolated the fish for now in quarantine but then I thought to check temperature. I live in FL and we dropped from 70 to 32 F in 24 hours outside. When I checked my thermometer it just so happens that this tank’s heater somehow was slightly unplugged and therefore tank temperature crashed from 80-81 down to 65 in a span of 10hours while I was at work. Would a sudden temperature crash potentially cause the mollies to rapidly develop these sortof spots as a response to stress? I am trying to not panic and overtreat a problem/disease that isn’t actually hurting present. The tank is well-seasoned, no new fish in 6 months, no deaths, and no new objects/plants have been introduced in over a month except some catappa leaves a few weeks ago. Parameters reading 0 ammonia / 0 nitrite / 40-60 nitrate. The fish I isolated are not showing any signs of discomfort. I have ich-x and paracleanse on hand but am hesitant to dose. Because the spots are not classic white and the mollies are dalmatian/mutt grey it is hard to get a clear picture. Thanks for any assistance.
  4. Because who doesn’t love baby fish pics 🙂 (Did some cleaning and the fry wanted to pose for glamour shots)
  5. Hi everyone, any idea what’s going on with this female molly? She’s been slowly deteriorating after a birth on October 10th. Only a single fry found/survived and he’s been doing great, now at 7 weeks old. The tank is a 9 gal Flex and its only inhabitants are 3 mollies (mom, dad and baby). She’s skinny, not eating great but still eating and swimming. Her gills seem hallowed out but I’m guessing this more lack of a plump belly creating this gap. The gills are not red. This morning I fed frozen brine shrimp and she ate some but also spit some out too and swimming kind of stiff. She doesn’t hang at the surface gulping air, but her mouth moves rapidly. The other two mollies look, act, eat normally. water parameters: ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: between 10 or 20 GH: 9 KH: 4 temp:78 I have several meds but haven’t treated with any yet. I have ParaCleanse, Maracyn, Kanaplex and Metroplex and Ich-X. Any guidance much appreciated.
  6. I have been finding this wild variation vid Molly in the lake I live on, has anyone seen something similar.
  7. Hello All, I've noticed that my balloon molly has recently stared losing a few scales here and there. They have been coming off really clean and I don't see any sign of any fungus or infection of any sort in the affected areas. They seem to be just falling off. My levels all look really good (0 amm./0 nitri./5-10 nitra) and she is definitely not getting bullied in the tank (you could say shes pretty much the queen b**** among her colleagues lol). Anyone know what could be causing this?
  8. My mollies have been breeding and I found this one and I call the strain butterfly molly because her pectoral fins kinda look like butterfly wings. I was curious if anyone has seen this before or if I could try to get more of these ones and sell them as a new or different strain. Sorry for the bad quality it’s hard to get a pic of her when she’s still. (It’s the one in the middle of the screen)
  9. Hello! My friend has a black molly that we thought was pregnant. She had given birth to many fry previously and looked as though she was about to again. She hasn’t dropped fry and is still very bloated. She’s still swimming and eating normally. She’s been fasted and had some shelled peas. Then tonight she started hanging out towards the top by the heater and we noticed a white spot near her anal fin. We tried to get the best pictures possible. pH: 8.2 Nitrates >20 Hardness 200 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 180 Water Temperature 78.2Start new topic Any thoughts? There has been no major changes in the tank & it’s been running for 3+ years. There are no new tank mates aside from their fry.
  10. This old man has been in my tank for a few years now, but he isn’t looking too good recently. What do you think it is? I recently did a dose of Maracyn in this tank because I had several Mollies staying in the substrate I moved those to a QT tank and treated them with Maracyn before treating them with Paracleanse because all but two became very thin. I have lost two of the six that I had moved and still have four. Three appear to be on the mend, but one of them is still on the bottom and sunken in I’m going to run another dose of Paracleanse in the QT this week. Don’t mind the cloudy water, I literally just dropped frozen baby brine in haha
  11. Do people generally put any sort of supplement in the water with their fish when they mail them? Do i need a heat pack? How many fish per bag? (1 month old mollies) Would putting carbon in the bag with them be a good idea?
  12. I was hoping someone could help me out. I am wondering if my molly is pregnant. If so based on how she looks can you tell when she will drop the fry. sorry the images are upside down TIA
  13. I have a juvenile molly who is really has not grown much. He seems to get picked on whenever I feed frozen food, for some reason. Three days ago, I noticed a cotton patch on his head. He is eating fine, and I separated him in a own breeder box. Since then I have given him a few 15 minute salt baths a day, and added some more salt to the tank he's in. (I'd say approx 1 TBSP/5 gallons.) I also added one dose of Ick-X and one dose of Maracyn to the tank. There has been no improvement in the cotton patch, but it hasn't worsened either. I have access to other meds, but don't want to go down the rabbit hole yet. Any other suggestions? All help is appreciated.
  14. Hi, I've never posted here before. I have a planted freshwater 20g with 4 mollies in it, some fry & a juvenile BN pleco it's been running for about 1 year. I have not had illness in it since August- there was 1 fish with a fungal infection. A few days ago my male sailfin molly started exhibiting odd behavior. Tail standing, head up, and spinning around. I cant find any other symptoms. I've kept mollies for upwards of 7 years & have never seen this before. No others in tank seem effected. I added new plants a few months ago but I always QT them first. Parameters: Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrate: under 20ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Chlorine: 0 GH: very hard 150-300ppm Alkalinity (KH) 60ppm PH: 7.6 temp is set for 78° Tonight I came home & he was curled up at the top of the tank inside a floating water sprite with 2 week old molly fry. Im baffled. I posted this on Fishlore a few days ago but no replies. Hoping someone can help! Im unsure of how to upload a photo.
  15. After one smaller fry drop, our Tangerine Painted Lyretail Mollys have dropped about 20 fry. We used a cheap breeding box in order to preserve and observe. Interestingly, the fry are a tossed salad of colorations, indicating (if I've got the Punnett terms correct) that the parents are heterozygous, with genetics from a cross between black and koi mollys. Hoping for a successful BAP entry! The 5 that dropped a couple of months earlier are doing great. Two were black, and three were the koi . . . tangerine / painted, etc. Here are a few photos of this batch:
  16. Hey everyone, I have been in a battle against camillanus worms in my 55g for a few months now. This tank originally was fully planted with substrate and had two female black mollies, one male, one female dalmatian molly, and one male silver lyretail molly, and a group of 2 male 3 female panda guppies (who have all since produced a lot of fry), 2 mystery snails, and some malaysian trumpet snails. I first noticed the worms in a few of my panda guppies when they were coming out of their anuses, and I moved these fish to a quarantine tank. For a period of about a month and a half, I medicated both the quarantine tank and the 55g with thomaslabs fenbendezole (mixing it with the food and wetting with tankwater to soak it up), gravel vacuuming about 5 times a week, and for a while the 55 looked to be worm free until bloating and stringy poop in my mollies. When the everything aquatic levamisole flakes I had ordered arrived, I gave it about a week med free and then switched to 3 weeks of the levamasole, continuing to vac. My efforts to eradicate the worms from my 55g were a confirmed failure around this time, when I noticed one of the molly fish had camillanus coming out. At this point I figured it was necessary to temporarily remove the fish in order to take out the substrate (so that no more eggs would linger in the substrate) to do a more through de-worming. I moved the fish back (and the quarantine guppies-no reason to isolate them anymore) to the 55g when levels were appropriate (ph took a dip around here, I elaborate later, but the fish were reintroduced at about 7.0 down from 7.6 when I went from bare bottom to just some shells and coral on the bottom) and was finishing the 3 weeks of levamisole around this time, gave a week of regular feeding (2 times a day). The fish continue to show symptoms (increasingly swollen abdomen, stringy poop, a few with visible worms coming out). In the past few days, fish have started flashing, including the many molly, guppy, and muppy(?) fry, who have also been increasingly nipping at the fins of the bigger mollies. The tank is at this point bare bottomed with some shells, coral, and a few unpotted plants (for filtration and line of sight blocks) and 2 big sponge filters, one running through a power head, an airstone running. One black molly got her dorsal fin nipped bad by the fry, and I began adding instant ocean marine salt (5 tbsp per every 5 gallons) to clean the wound without introducing more meds. Over about 3 days, the wound area began to look paler than the rest of her, grayish like a small scuff (one which I have seen from aggression among these mollies in the past which healed quickly) from the fish biting one another at first, then a little bit more white as it spread onto her back in the next few days, sort of blotchy and inconsistent looking (unfortunately I didn't take a picture of this before she passed... she was the only fish showing any symptom like this until yesterday, when another black molly got a small dot like this on her back just below the dorsal fin). Last night, the fish with the wound died (the salt did not help), and another molly fish died this morning, this one showing no similar symptoms on her scales (she was a Dalmatian molly, so maybe the coloration impacts its visibility), though she did have an increasingly bloated stomach (probably worms she could not pass). The mystery snails also died, probably as a result of the fenbendezole, though the malaysian trumpets live on. Levels have been relatively consistent through this with the exception of PH, which usually sits around 7.5, took a dip to 6.8 when removing substrate, which I slowly worked back up to a consistent range of 7.5-6 with small pinches of baking soda in water changes. The water has also been increasingly cloudy the past week, probabaly because of a bacterial bloom which may have caused the wounded black molly to become infected (I am uncertain what happened to her, and its part of what I am asking you all for advice on). I know now that I should have de wormed all of the fish better before putting them in the display tank, but I was fresh to the hobby when starting this tank up... and this post is seeking out advice to cure my fish, not any scolds about quarantine tanking (I get the impression that most of the aquarium co op community congregates around frustration with the inconsistent fish police). I will upload a picture of the fish with the small blotch on her back once I can figure out how. Is there any other medication or treatment I should consider to get these fish to better health? Thanks for reading and your advice, Jake
  17. I have a 20 galloon tank with 1 Panda Angel, 1 Golden Wonder Killifish, 1 Black Molly and 1 Gold Dust Molly with a balloon belly. I've had this tank since June 2020. Tank is cleaned weekly to bi-weekly. Never more than 25/30% water changes. Each time I add a biological buster to account for the percent of water removed. My Gold Dust Molly has been showing signs of illness over the past four weeks. She will not leave the bottom of the tank and typically remains in the same spot all day long. Her back fin appears to be immobile. Her crescent shaped tail fin has collapsed down and there does seem to be some (minimal) sloughing of the tail fin as well She will try her best to eat any of the flake food that falls to the bottom but can't navigate herself well and typically only get he food that floats right in front of her mouth. Within the last week I have added a bacterial infection resolve solution and finally added 4T of marine salt to the tank. Her symptoms have not gotten any better. Looking to see what my next step should be. Thank you
  18. Hey there everyone. So this question is about a juvenile (male) Marble Molly of mine. (he is about 9.5 months old right now).. So - backstory and what I am 99.999% sure was the cause of this (if indeed it is prolapse) - He was born the end of March / beginning of April last year. At about 1 to 1.5 months old, I was netting out my then molly fry (there were 7 in total), from the floating breeder box their were hanging out in, because the box had so much algae growth, I literally couldn't see into it..AT ALL.. Anyway, this is when/how this happened/started to the best of my knowledge - during all the commotion while removing the moss and then the fry, one of the fry got 'pinned'/pinched btwn the net and the inside of the box. Now..I have 6 tanks, have kept mostly only livebearing fish, and the temporary removal or transferring of fry is absolutely not a new thing for me. And I honestly didn't notice anything to be wrong during all of this, and I ended up just putting all 7 molly fry into the fry tank (with a TON of moss both floating and on wood), that already had about 20-30 platy and guppy fry growing out. Again, I REALLY wasn't aware anything had happened / was wrong. Cut to July, and I had taken out the platy and guppy fry, so the Molly fry were then in there on their own. During a water change, I noticed that one of the little guys, had a bump/lump on it's belly. This particular one was removed from that tank, and then placed into my then just finished cycling 5 gallon tank, on it's own {{the first two pics were taken August 10th}} This was now his home. And tbh, I didn't actually think it would live as terrible as that sounds..but, if it DID live, and if it ended up being female, I absolutely did not want to take the chance of it becoming pregnant, and even still - I did not want it to be bullied to death! So. A bit before Christmas, it finally matured and lo-and-behold, NOT female! (lol) Anyhow - he has been doing GREAT! Eats like a champ, gets water changes in the (same planted tank I initially isolated him in - but has 3 (1m 2f) H. Formosa in with him (and obviously fry -- third and fourth pics are him today) Sooo IS this an intestinal prolapse? Or is this instead a tumor? Have I done the right thing in NOT euthanizing? (last pic is his tank/home!)
  19. Hi all, I have a male gold dust Molly that has slowly developed a white film on his body. He comes out to eat but often hides the rest of the day. I noticed that the large female gold dust mollies that I have often chase him around and bother him. This has been going on for over a month. He doesn’t have spots like Ich and he doesn’t have fuzzy growth. Just a white film on his body especially behind his head. What do you think this is? All other fish (around 30) in the community tank are fine. pH 8.2 GH 75 KH 300 Ammonia and nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 10-20 Water temp is 77 F Thanks for your help.
  20. Any help is appreciated. I have a juvenile molly that has just developed a prolapse this morning. Looks like its an anal/vent prolapse. I am assuming it's intestines/intestinal. I see no signs of stress or discomfort on the fish. She's swimming around as normally as can be. I have read different treatments, from aquarium salt, to epsom salt, to melafix, to fasting, to simply aiming for pristine water conditions. Please let me know if anyone has any advice. I know it sounds crazy, but is there any way to "manually" push this back in? All advice is appreciated. Thanks
  21. I recently moved all of my new thoroughly quarantined fish to my display tank. About a day/two days later 1 of 4 mollies had the white cottony muck around his eyes and a few spots on his body, also clamped fins. I treated with two days of a five day run of maracyn. My locals dont carry maracyn. He improved day one and looks/acts completely normal day 2. Currently awaiting a shipment of maracyn. Do i do nothing when it arrives if he still looks/acts healthy. Do I start a new 5 day treatment (I bought enough to treat my display tank, rather than my ten gallon QT/hospital tank. Supply on hand was appropriate for hospital tank. These fish were quarantined/med trio'd/and observed for 30+ days before moving to display tank). I'm assuming by the time i see 1 sick fish its too late to ahem, fish him out, and treat him separately - looking for guidance on this particular question. Tons of research has never really addressed this question. Its always how to treat/diagnose, never yes, remove the sick fish/no, its too late. So, when do you quarantine vs when do you treat the whole crowd? And, if you run out of antibiotics do you restart the recommended 5 day when supplies arrive or let it go if the fish are acting/looking/behaving/eating/pooing healthy? 30 gallons, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5 ppm nitrate, 7.6pH, 77F, many live plants, corys, tetras, mollies, 1 dwarf blue gourami, blue mystery snail. Thanks in advance to the smart, learned, generous, helpful folks who took the time to respond.
  22. Hey all, first time on this forum, i have a pregnant molly who just passed 7 weeks since her last batch of fry, she has been fat for about 4 weeks and is currently super swollen, she has had a white spot near her anal fin for at least a week and a half now. Was wondering if I should be concerned at this point and what to do going forward. She is in a 30 gallon community tank with 6 Cory catfish, two male and two other female golden panda female mollies: water is 78 degrees, ph fluctuates between 7.5 and 8 but is always between those. Ammonia and nitrite at 0 and nitrates are currently about 30 ppm an i try to keep them between 20-40.
  23. Water parameters are good , tanks at 79f and I do a 30% water change once or twice a week , been battling what looks like a fungus on some other fish but it's been getting better , and then this guy ... Oh this guy recently started flaring alot and pushing my other molly into the corner , I moved the other guy to another tank and about a day later this one is now rubbing it's underside just beneath it's gills on a plant and then nipping at the plants , also no fake plants and first time seeing this behavior , any thoughts ? The molly that did get moved stopped eating a few days ago and is on its last leg , I don't want to bring it back into the community tank because the big guy bully's him , no signs of illness or eradic behavior.
  24. I thought my female black molly was pregnant because her belly was so large. However, I notice that every morning she is "thinner". During the day she gets larger and poops. A LOT. And the strands are long. (Today my male platy and molly ate her poop twice.) I am feeding 2 mollies and 2 platy. I put in enough food that it is gone within 3 minutes. However, I notice that the female molly stays at the top of the tank swimming around, skimming the surface with her mouth open. The platy fish who come up to the surface about 30 seconds after I place the food in the tank barely get any of the food. How do I change her eating habits without starving the other fish? Should she be separated? I only feed them twice a day (8am-ish, and 6pm-ish). I am afraid she is going to eat herself to death. (I have attached a picture of her at 2:40 pm today. She has not eaten since 8 this morning. But she has had repeated long strings of poop.)
  25. I need advice on how to handle a bully situation, I have 3 dalmatian mollies that I bought at the same time they are just about the same size too. I have them in a 50 gallon with some plants and I have a female beta in there and a female guppy that needed a break from being chased all day by 3 male guppies. I have noticed recently that one dalmatian bullies the other fish in the tank. The beta keeps to herself in the plants, so I mostly see the dalmatian bully the other two and sometimes the guppy specially when feeding time comes.. what should I do? Add more dalmatian? Other type of fish maybe? Or just remove the one fish to another tank?
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