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  1. I have a pair of these. They were pretty peaceful until they bred. The protected their fry like little murder machines. Now the live alone in their own 20 gallon. Love them though, awesome fish. My male is 2-3 inches and the female is 3 inches.
  2. Ha all, I was looking at the aquarium Coop powerhead and was wondering if anyone had good dimensions of it with and with out the intake screen. I'm working on a custom little project and need to get it in a pretty tight area. The size of the outlet would be helpfull also. Thank You Very much in advance.
  3. Thank for the picture. That look perfect for what I'm doing.
  4. I recently ordered a fluval 107 canister filter. I would like to put a sponge on the intake, but I cant find anywhere what size the intake tube is on the fuval 107. Does anyone happen to know which of the Co-op's sponges will work? I could wait tell it gets here and measure it but I'm to impatient and needy. 😉 Thanks
  5. Thanks sleepy bear, Do you think I’d be alright adding a couple cherry shrimp in there? I was worried about gettin to many critters in there. Thanks again everyone for the advise.
  6. Good point Ali. I will stick with three Platys to start. I think I’m quite a bit away from adding fish. I want to get the plants in and established first. After I actually buy the aquarium to. 😉 I think I’ll take your suggestion on the heater also. Thanks
  7. Thanks Jess, No heater? I guess I could see how it goes. It gets a bit chilly here in Ohio and I like a bit of a chill, the house is set at 62 overnight and warms up to a balmy 66 during the day. I think the little guys might like it a bit warmer than I do. 😉 I was planning on having the pothos at one end of the tank over some rocks that will be used to hide the heater(if I use it) and the Monte Carlo over the rest of the tank. I'll probably be trimming the Pothos every other day won't I? Once I get the plans squared away and start setup I'll post some pics. FYI tank dimensions are 14.2x9.4x11. Thanks
  8. HI all, Thanks in advance for your feedback. I am planning on starting a small aquarium for my home office. I've been doing research and have come up with a plan. I would appreciate any feedback on where you think I have gone wrong, or how I could do better. Here's the plan : Hardware: Tank-Waterbox Clear Mini 6, Hydor Centrifgual Pump 100GPH w/ Inovative Marine Spin Stream(I have this instead of a air pump or HOB filter, I'm okay with frequent water changes if the plants cant keep up) Heater - Fluval Nano 25 watt (6 us Gallon) Lighting( Fluval Aquasky 2.0 LED 15"-24" Plants: Monte Carlo (Carpet 50%-75% of tank) Dwarf Sagttaria (3-5 for accent) Golden Pothos floating and flowing out of top Inhabitants: Ramshorn snails 3-5 Dwarf Red Coral Platy 3-5(on male and the rest females) I picked they are supposed to stay smaller 1" to 1-1/4" Well? what everybody think? Am I out of my mind? Thanks again.
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