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Found 11 results

  1. I'm wondering if the "Mini Pre Filter Sponge Coarse" will fit over the output nozzle of my Fluval Spec V to slow down the water for our betta fish?
  2. What pre filter fits the aqua top that aquarium co op sells?
  3. I recently ordered a fluval 107 canister filter. I would like to put a sponge on the intake, but I cant find anywhere what size the intake tube is on the fuval 107. Does anyone happen to know which of the Co-op's sponges will work? I could wait tell it gets here and measure it but I'm to impatient and needy. 😉 Thanks
  4. Would love to see any pics of your setup if you modified the intake piece of an FX4 canister filter to keep fry, shrimp, and bad thoughts out of your filter. Found a few videos of folks wrapping the entire outside of the intake with a media bag and zip-tying it down, but I’ll likely be looking for another more ‘elegant’ solution. Maybe. Thanks!
  5. Looking for some tips. I'd like to add a prefilter sponge to my internal filter before I go and add some Cherry shrimps to my tank. Any ideas, suggestions, techniques? I can't think of an easy and obvious solution...
  6. Hi everyone! I needed to modify my large pre filter sponge to fit my surface skimmer attachment. I cut off what wasn't needed and thought how it looked like a small Aquarium Co-Op Sponge Filter replacement. I have a spare small sponge filter from the co-op so I decided to try it out and it works!! I apologise if this is common knowledge but I wanted to pass this along to anyone who's lost or ruined their sponge and couldn't find a replacement. FYI the pre filter sponge seems to not have as many pores per square inch and I have not tried it on a bigger filter size than a small. I hope this helps! All the best, Erik
  7. I like the very fine pre-filters even though they clog quicker. They need to be washed each week or they stop the flow to my aquaclear filter. The fact they get clogged mean they are filtering better. Your opinion?
  8. Hey yall has anyone ordered the large and medium Pre- filter? I ordered the large for my FX6 and it's the size of a sponge filter which is perfect for the FX6 so I thought I'll order one for my Marinland magniflow 220 but I ordered a medium instead and boy there's a massive difference in the 2 sizes. Only reason I'm asking is to see if maybe there was a mistake made somehow cause the size of this medium I would think would be the small and if not than I definitely wanna order the small to see how they can get them much smaller. Anyhow heres a pic and tell me what you think!!
  9. I am thinking about adding canister prefilter to external fluval 206, maybe it's not necessary but i want to know and talk about it. So there's two options- 1. Prefilter without pump- that's straight forward Inlet-prefilter-canister-outlet 2. Prefilter with pump (my concern is how that pump would work with fluval 206 pump) would prefilter pump water too fast or too slow? In attachment are two prefilters one with pump and one without so you can get better idea what i am thinking about. In prefilter i would add just mechanical filtration and in fluval 206 just biological filtration. Just info- prefilter pump around 100 gallons per hour, fluval 206- 206 gallons per hour.
  10. Hey all, not gonna bore you to much with fancy words and what not. Just gonna let the pictures speak for themselves. (Sort of) This is an eheim pre-filter. If you cut the strainer off one of the intake tubes for an aquaclear 110 or 70; then wrap the top tube of the prefilter cage with Teflon tape. It will wedge nicely into the intake tube. unfortunately the sponge that comes with the eheim prefilter (white) greatly restrics the flow of an aquaclear when its brand new. You can see its a much finer sponge than the aquarium co op prefilter sponge. Because of this they need to be cleaned almost daily. but an aquarium coop med. Prefilter sponge fits the eheim pre-filter cage, almost. a 5 second trim later and presto. Fits like a glove. It takes 2 med sponges to fill the cage (the cage comes in two sections. But is so worth it. For those who may not know there is an ancient blood feud between turtles and sponges. A feud my turtles still honor to this day. So much so, I'm convinced that ritual prefilter/sponge filter sacrifice has become a rite of passage for the turtles living here. Which is why I'm super stoked about this mod. No more senseless sponge massacres and a working filter !!
  11. Idk how many people know about these prefilters but there amazing. I have one on my 20 gallon community tank. And its perfect for extra bio and mechanical filtration. The best part is is that they make three different sizes and they all fit almost any filters. The medium size one is perfect for 20 gallons IMO but the others would work just fine. If anyone is looking for some extra filtration i highly reccomend these.
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