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Found 8 results

  1. I’ve posted about this before but now I have evidence that I can’t attach because it’s a video. My Platys are miserable because my Endlers chase them nonstop. Some people here suggested that Endlers are trying to mate with them and that it’s harmless, but my Platys are exhibiting stress behavior and I don’t have another tank to put them in. I do have a Ziss Breeder Box that I can put my Endlers in for a few days though. It’s not setup yet but it won’t be difficult. Any other ideas?
  2. Okay I've mentioned this a couple times before here on the forum, but I've never really asked for suggestions on the matter. So I have a few fish that bully others during feeding time. Here's a little more on them: The pearl gourami was shy at first, but quickly realized that by biting other fish or charging at them would drive them away from food. He especially hated the corydoras in the tank. He has done this since, so I had to remove him from the 29 gallon community and into the 10 gallon makeshift setup. This is obviously too small for a gourami like him, and now he shares it with some breeding guppies and a flying fox (more on him later). He continues to harass the flying fox (especially during feeding, but also due to territorial reasons), and he chases the larger female guppies during feeding. The flying foxes used to fight, so we left one in the 29 and moved the other to the 10 gallon with the guppies and gourami. The one in the 10 gallon chases guppies when they get too close to the bottom during feeding, and is always chased by the gourami when he himself gets too close. The one in the 29 is blind on one side, and at first was peaceful, but then developed a similar technique to the gourami, which is chasing the other fish - mainly the cories - away from their food by nipping their tails. I have tried feeding when the lights are out (for the cories), and it works, but the flying fox continues to bully them even when it isn't feeding time. Same goes for the 10 gallon with the gourami and flying fox. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? I don't have any more tanks or room for tanks. Should I rehome the bullies? If so, where to? Thanks!
  3. I have one snail named Sluggo and he is a total bully to the other snails. Should I re-home him to the YoYo loach tank?
  4. Hi, The title says it all. The Platys are the newest fish (less than 2 weeks since I bought them), the Endlers' are part of the original stock. Those two little Endlers' chase the Platys everywhere. I can see no visible damage anywhere on the fins, and for all I know they're "playing", but it doesn't look like they are. The Platys appear stressed (swimming up and down the sides of the tank). I have plenty of plants in the background and driftwood to hide in/under (and caves for my Apistos, but it's usually only the Apistos that go in there). They only do this to each other, and also to themselves. Every other fish is cool and peaceful and gets along. I can't separate them (only 1 tank). I don't know what to do, short of getting a breeder box and temporarily putting the Endlers' in there. Any advice would be appreciated. I've never had a bully fish before. Thank you all 🙂
  5. I need advice on how to handle a bully situation, I have 3 dalmatian mollies that I bought at the same time they are just about the same size too. I have them in a 50 gallon with some plants and I have a female beta in there and a female guppy that needed a break from being chased all day by 3 male guppies. I have noticed recently that one dalmatian bullies the other fish in the tank. The beta keeps to herself in the plants, so I mostly see the dalmatian bully the other two and sometimes the guppy specially when feeding time comes.. what should I do? Add more dalmatian? Other type of fish maybe? Or just remove the one fish to another tank?
  6. Need advice:. I have two young Oscars that are about 4 inches. They've been together since they were less than 2 inches. Tonight I noticed one really bullying the other. If I return the bully to my LFS, they may not have a replacement that size. Would it be asking for trouble to get one smaller than the remaining fish?
  7. i have a 5 neons in my 10 gallon medium planted tank and 2 of them won't leave from behind the sponge filter because 1 one of the other neons chase's them back under then leaves them alone other fish in the tank 1 oto 5 pygmy cory's
  8. Hello... I'm looking for some advice on the best way to re-introduce a bullied fish back to the general population. We're talking about a 60 gallon tank with a starter colony of 8 N. Brichardi about 1 to 1.5 inches long I'm guessing when introduced 8/28/20. Most of the fish have coupled up or at least found their territory in the tank...except for one little guy. The only one of them with a name, Pokey. He was the fish that didn't want to come out of the bag when I brought them home. Has always hung around at the top of the water right up against the front glass. He will eat but only what is floating right at his nose and not aggressive about going after it. I was always especially trying to get what ever was on the menu right in front of him...probably one reason for my high nitrates. For most of the 5 or 6 weeks the fish have been in the tank he was mostly ignored and would either fight off or escape any attacks. One day I look and poor Pokey is getting ganged up on by two or three of the other inhabitants. It was so bad that he was having trouble swimming upright and was sliding backwards. I got Pokey out and put him a 10 gallon hospital tank with a couple of teaspoons of salt and a little extra Prime. He had some fin damage and some hurt feelings so he sulked behind the sponge filter mostly. He's been separated for about 10 days now. He's eating and swimming around now after sulking for about a week. I only have the one main aquarium so it's either back to gen pop or I'm going to have to turn the hospital into a sanitarium. I was thinking about moving him after the lights go out and everyone is dormant. I have added some Java Fern in a couple of places while he was away so I'm hoping that he might find some refuge in one of those. On the other hand; one of the pairs has 4 new babies (first brood) so they are hyper attentive. Any tips on how to get Pokey back home with as little drama as possible?
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