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  1. Hahahaha thats the danger of a good looking quarantine tank! I just got some mystery snails as well!
  2. Ahhhh thats so exciting! I LOVE danios, and they're fantastic little fish. Super hardy and very zippy.
  3. Man your tanks look freaking amazing! Im so excited your back in the hobby, and MTS has hit me like a truck too!
  4. Hey everyone! My name is Rick, and I'm an aquarist living in Mississippi! I got back into the hobby about 6 months ago and multi tank syndrome has hit me like a truck. I currently have a 30 gallon community tank called "The Pioneer Tank" that my dad made when he was in college. It was my first foray back into planted tanks! My next tank was my first breeding project "The Love Shack" and I'm currently working on fancy guppies, and growing out some bristlenose fry. The current project is setting up an Ameca Splenden tank for some of Greg Sage's fish! I've attached pictures of all of them below! I've been diving really deep into fishTube and podcasts! Now I'm branching out into forums and old aquarium books! My goals for 2021 are cultivating live foods, setting up an Ameca Splendens tank, and breeding at least 3 types of fish and plants!
  5. Hello all! I've only recently gotten back into this hobby, and I'm trying to learn as much as I can! Are there any classic touchstone texts that every hobbyist should read or own? Can't wait to hear your suggestions! Thanks!
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