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  1. Could Oranda and Koi live together while they are growing up?
  2. I saw a guppy breeder say that his fish were very healthy because they had water changes 4 times a day. I've heard of people using a drip system but my kitchen does not have a drainage hole like you might see in a commercial building. Where would you put the outgoing water (drips)?
  3. Thank you for your very extended explanation as to why this happens. I was getting really frustrated.
  4. When I first started the tank the ammonia was low but now spiked into the green zone. I used AmmoLoc on it a few times and Fresh Start water conditioner. I had heard that AmmoLoc does NOT lower the ammonia READING even though it is lowering the amonia. Is that right? I changed 50 percent of the water and tested it and it is still ammonia in the green zone. Does AmmoniaLoc not indicate the right level after using it? This is a bare bottom tank with a medium sponge filter and an AquaClear filter running. How can I lower the ammonia and be able to get a correct reading when I manually check for ammonia? Someone mentioned using sea shell sand?
  5. Have a general Q & A section. Like, why is my ammonia too high? What can I do to fix it? Fish body shakes. Fish perameters? (I can't find that anywhere)
  6. What brand of filter did they recommend to use in an aquarium? I already have 2 sponge filters running on one air pump and one sponge filter has a lot of air running through it and the other hardly any air at all. They both of air stones. Does anybody have an idea why they run differently?
  7. I saw a list of possible tank mates for a flowerhorn. Which one would you get and why? Jack Dempsey Oscars Blood Parrots Tiger barbs Green Severum Green Terror Ancara Texas cichlid I want them to grow up together and not pick on each other for size difference. I've heard that some of these fish will interact with people which would be great and would defintely be the winner? What do you think? Or would some other fish be better?
  8. Can any of these fish eat minnows <fishing minnows> Flowerhorn, Koi and large goldfish? Minnows like "shiners, fat heads"? Would it be bad for them? Could it be an exclusive diet?
  9. I just put in a 45 gallon tank. I was thinking of exchanging 1 gallon of aquarium water for 1 gallon of new safe water daily. Would this be a good idea?
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