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Found 9 results

  1. I am a lady who lives in Sonoma county, California. I just recently got into this fish keeping hobby and so far it has been stressful. Right now I have a Monkey faced flowerhorn named Lil Spooky whom I adore; such a friendly and fast growing fish! As soon as I figure out how to upload a picture I will share it with yawl. Glad to be here...
  2. Hello hobbyists I own a firemans dream flowerhorn who is about 6.5 inches. He is currently in a 40 breeder and will be moved to a 75 soon. Is there a good way to attempt to introduce a Senegal bichir ? (If this does not work I have another home for the bichir)
  3. Good morning, Does anyone have any advice for a 54g corner tank that started out a little Spooky? What we have now is a fishless cycle, I presume? Do I add anything at this point or does the tank have enough feed to continue the cycle? The water is slightly cloudy, bare bottom, 81 F. The nitrites are 2ppm, ammonia monitor is in the yellow; could the Prime be binding the ammonia? Nitrates are still 5ppm. My inner voice is telling me to be patient, however I would hate to stall the forward movement of this cycle. Lil Spooky is counting on me.
  4. I took my 7 year old daughter to our LFS to sell her Mutt Guppies and mystery snails this weekend and she got this little guy as partial payment. I do not keep Cichlids other than angels so I have no clue what variety of Flowerhorn it is. She’s completely obsessed with him already and named him Pete. Once out of quarantine he’ll go to a 29 gallon grow out then a 75 in the living room. An ID of what variety and any Flowerhorn pro tips would be much appreciated!
  5. I’ve been keeping my flowerhorn, Gucci Mane, in a bare bottom tank, but since his waste is so big and I don’t have a bottom skimmer like Foo the Flowerhorn, I want to add some substrate. I originally ordered sand that that is marketed towards cichlid (I didn’t buy it for that reason, it was 50% off 😊) but it is really fine and read multiple sources that advise against it because he will kick it up and that will ruin a HOB filter. I also bought just natural river stone small substrate (for another tank) and thought maybe I could use it instead of sand if sand is in fact s no, no. However, I read multiple comments that stated FH could end up swallowing the gravel. I did a lot of research but the info out there is not consistent and frequently contradictory case in point, nobody can agree on what substrate is best. hopefully one of my fellow nerms can give me some clarity. Honestly I’ve got my fingers crossed that gravel would be safe because it’s easy to install in an already active aquarium and it’s much easy to vac IMHO. thanks! P.as. Here’s a picture Mr. of Gucci Mane himself.
  6. Hey friends!! Does the size of kok of flowerhorn depends on the grooming or it totally depends on genes or genes and feed both ? How important is grooming for flowerhorn?
  7. I saw a list of possible tank mates for a flowerhorn. Which one would you get and why? Jack Dempsey Oscars Blood Parrots Tiger barbs Green Severum Green Terror Ancara Texas cichlid I want them to grow up together and not pick on each other for size difference. I've heard that some of these fish will interact with people which would be great and would defintely be the winner? What do you think? Or would some other fish be better?
  8. Hi everyone. First post here. I have a flower horn and recently noticed what looks like a gash or cut on one of his gills. I have attached the best photos I could get. Is this something I should worry about and what treatment should I use? First thought was salt.
  9. Let's See them Flowerhorns! I love hybrids, some hate them. Let's see those unique genetic monsters that IMO have the best personalities!
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