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  1. I thought it was an Anubias but wife can’t remember to confirm It came from petsmart. I do have 2 24 inch lights on that side of the tank but the one on the edge is just a nicrew the one more in the middle is a marine land. It’s a 90 gallon tank so ~24 inch deep.
  2. Not sure the plant type wife bought it about a year ago. But it just seem to continue to struggle. While the Java fern and Amazon sword seem to do well. I have root tabs around it and but a easy green in once and a while. But it just seems like it stays this way. I have read the plant trouble shooting blog post but still unsure. thanks in advance for the great help that This place seems to always provide with the fish police pleasantly absent.
  3. my plants did pretty well , they continued to recover after the December 20th update. i ended up just removing the fish from jan 16th update and have had no further signs.
  4. I would leave the salt in the tank for longer then i did. i did have a fish that got the white patches about a week ago.
  5. in case any one else finds this in there search. i left the aquarium at 1 tablespoons per 2 gallon for about 3 weeks then started to do water changes as need by water tests(change anytime nitrates where above 40ppm). I have probably only done about 3 water changes now and have about 15 Tablespoons left in the aquarium(90 gallon) . every thing seems to be going fine. I still see the odd fish rub on the substrate but no other sign of illness so hopefully normal behavior . the cat fish and snails seemed to do fine .my mystery snails even started to breed about 2 weeks in and have been laying eggs like crazy I have now hatched at lest 5 clutches and have about 10 more still in the tank. my plants seemed to do ok lost about halve the java fern but hornwort did fine floating and money wort lost leaves on the lower have but survived.
  6. Thanks for the help guys been doing aquariums on and off for 7 years now depending on where i live and how often I'm not traveling for work. and I'm starting to realize I'm at the know enough to be dangerous stage not the know enough to keep things smooth stage. I did know to hold them to the test card and use bright light. I just seem to keep getting a .25 pp ammonia reading in my tank but my ammonia alert has no reaction but I've read the alert reads free ammonia and the test kit reads total. Is it normal to have a small reading of ammonia. tank seems to be cycled as no increase of ammonia or nitrite and is producing nitrate . doesn't seem to be overstocked did a 50% water change and my nitrates where only at 20 ppm a week later. I have also learned i need a spread sheet as memory not good enough for when things in tank start to go wrong. and i like you build there Dave, I'm going to have to build myself one. is there anything you would change?
  7. So I'm starting to wonder if I'm using this kit correctly. how do you guys look at the tube after wards from the side or do you look at the bottom or top of the tubes. I might be over thinking this. so since i test realized i forgot to look at my results does the if you leave the test longer then 5 mins will that effect your results ??
  8. you just made my day now i can get my heater out of the tank
  9. I think I'm dealing with columnaris. As i live in Canada meds aren't an option. I have put 1Tbsp per 3 gallons of salt so far. I have only had it for 3 days so far but it seems to be spreading. another platy has white patch and seen guppies and a Synodontis Lucipinnis( some one really has to come up with a easier name for these) rubbing them self's against the substrate, this isn't happening very often maybe notice it once a day. All fish are active and eating well. I was wondering how long should i let it go before increasing the salt and is it even safe to do so with the Synodontis Lucipinnis, albino corys and snails to go to 2 Tbsp per fish. and if i do increase the salt could i move my plants to a different tank with out spreading it. I have Hornwort javafern and moneywort for plants. priorities are the Synodontis Lucipinnis since they cost about as much as the rest of my fish, then the rest of the fish and plants are dead last as they where only like 15 dollars so if its not 100% safe to move they are easy to replace.($10 to you guys) I am limited to Melafix, Pimafix , API® Liquid Super Ick Cure which from googling is not effective if its columnaris so salt seems to be the only option almost forgot water condition. I probably did have a ammonia spike as i removed half of my substrate then spread out the remainder this caused a lot of clouding once it settled i added a fine gravel substrate on top about 2 in thick. any ways when testing my water today Ph ~ 6.8 matching my tap water. ammonia > .2ppm Nitrite 0ppm and Nitrates ~ 40 ppm and tomorrow is my water change day was going to do 50% since missed last week and the nitrate lvl. any suggestions welcome and if the worst happens and i lose them all how should i clean the tank before restoking.
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