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  1. Honestly I don’t know because I haven’t tested for calcium specifically, but I know there’s very little since all my snails shells are white and flaky and I can also see it in the plants. My water is also pretty soft
  2. Oops I’m sorry I meant Prime Time Aquatics, not KGtropicals. The vid is titled “fish tank water hardness fully explained: don’t kill your fish”
  3. I believe the video where I heard this was KGtropical’s video on GH and KH. Also I have checked my fish food ingredients and they all contain very little calcium other than the repashy. The food that the corys eat has calcium listed as the last ingredient so I doubt it is a sufficient amount
  4. I recently discovered that my tap water has very little calcium. I recall information from a YouTube video or something stating that calcium in the water is vital for fish. Is this true? I always assumed that the fish food contained calcium and all the minerals they needed. If this is true then it would explain the slow growth of my Cory cats and other problems that I could never figure out the cause. Same thing for plants. I just started dosing equilibrium to fix this
  5. I know this method is disappointing, but in my experience, I simply pluck it off of rocks and leaves manually or completely remove a leaf if it’s bad enough. It seems to have mostly gone away for me. If you’re not comfortable with using hydrogen peroxide like I was then this is a pretty good method of removing it even though it sounds tedious. If it’s growing on plants that could be a sign of not enough nutrients. It stopped appearing on my plants after I started dosing liquid fertz
  6. I have no personal experience indicating that this is a true thing, but I personally wouldn’t run carbon in a planted tank because I don’t think it’s that important or worth the risk
  7. Could just be a problem with your water parameters. Maybe way too high or low of a ph. Could also be too low or high water hardness. I’ve run into plant issues since my water is low in calcium. Easy green has no calcium, so I have to dose other things to add it in. I’m not sure if you meant to say that your nitrates are always at zero, but if you’re dosing easy green using the instructions then 0 nitrates doesn’t make much sense. Like justin Campbell said, you could just be doing the nitrate test wrong if you’re using a liquid kit. I’ve also made that mistake
  8. Equilibrium contains a lot of potassium and easy green contains extra potassium. I would use equilibrium since it sounds the easiest, but is it gonna overdose my tank with potassium?
  9. My water has a ph of about 7.5, a GH of about 75-150ppm, and a KH that ranges from 0 sometimes all the way to between 40 and 80 ppm. I have come up with the conclusion that my water lacks calcium and the hardness I do have is magnesium because the snails In my tanks have flaky white shells and my java fern seems to stay small and some leaves look oddly white. I am dosing easy green, but it doesn’t have calcium. I am mainly concerned with my stem plants because I rely on liquid dosing only for them and I don’t want to lose them. I also like snails so I would like them to be healthy and I’m sure the fish need calcium too. What would be the safest way for me to add calcium to my aquariums so that the amount is steady and not drastically shifting my water parameters, stressing out fish? I’m not entirely sure crushed coral is good for me because my ph is already a bit high, but I still don’t know how it works completely. I would also try egg shells, but I don’t know how to do it or how safe/effective it is. I’m completely stumped and some help would be greatly appreciated 🙂
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