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Found 12 results

  1. Has anybody ever used the Zoo med turtle bone for a calcium supplement for mystery snails. I was looking for wonder shells and the lady said she uses these for her snails. If you have I was wondering how you get them to sink. I broke a piece of yesterday and threw it in a cup of tank water that I scoped out and I checked it this morning and it’s still flowing.
  2. What have I done?!? I need advice. I was going to increase the amount of coral in my tanks. I have lots of snails, I am breeding. I thought I was being smart and saving money. I bought the oyster shell/coral mix intended to feed chickens. The table says it is 100% either oyster shell or coral. It also says it was heated. Anyone have experience with this thrifty way to add buffer and calcium. I put some in a tank of snails and a couple snails died off. I did not rinse it. It is the only change and I pretty much never have deaths. I did a water change. I don't know if the new stuff is the problem or not. I am looking for advice!
  3. Hi Everybody, I thought I had this one covered on my own, but the problem only seems to get worse and so I am reaching out for any experts opinions. I use well water that I have had tested and it comes back high in pH naturally as well as iron otherwise it is lower in minerals but not with in normal range. I keep up with my testing (pH, nitrite, nitrate, ammonia, ect) ensuring the water stays within proper parameters and copper isn't ever an issue. However, about four months ago I noticed my Mystery snail suddenly having some shell issues that I linked to a calcium deficiency. I have tried adding cuddle fish bones, boiled egg shells and bottom feeder pellets from a couple brands (Bug Bites and Hikari Algae Wafers) but instead of stopping the issue, she only seems to be getting worse while my bladder snail population is booming. I haven't been able to buy Repashy at any of my local pet stores, I know it's what is recommended through the forum. But at this point I am wondering if there is something more going on with her. She lays eggs like crazy and eats plenty. Anyone have any idea if I'm barking up the wrong tree? I have attached a picture for clarification. Thank you for your help, Lisa
  4. If I leave regular egg shells in my tank... will they dissolve and add calcium to the water? PH is about 6.4ish... My shrimps pick at them from time to time.. just wondering if I should leave them in there or take them out after a time....
  5. I have a 40 gallon planted tank with neons, honey gourami, cherry shrimp, and snails. I am trying to feed my shrimp some calcium, so can I give them tums? Also if I crush the tums up and sprinkle it into my tank, will it add calcium into my tank's water, or can I just feed it to them?
  6. Hi all, I have hard water (at least 300 ppm according to the Tetra test strip). Unfortunately I don’t know what makes up the hardness. I checked the board of water supply’s water report but it didn’t mention either component. I’ve found saltwater tests for calcium and magnesium but not freshwater. Anyone know of any testing mechanism for these two components, or does it matter?
  7. Can somebody tell me the exact product you buy for your snail shells? I did order some from Walmart, but I just noticed they are peppermint flavored!! And had some sort of artificial sweetener in them! That is no bueno! Can you help me out? Thank you so much!
  8. Has anyone used this API marine Calcium for adding calcium to your planted aquarium
  9. What is considered to be a good ppm of calcium for shrimp, crayfish, and snails?
  10. I recently discovered that my tap water has very little calcium. I recall information from a YouTube video or something stating that calcium in the water is vital for fish. Is this true? I always assumed that the fish food contained calcium and all the minerals they needed. If this is true then it would explain the slow growth of my Cory cats and other problems that I could never figure out the cause. Same thing for plants. I just started dosing equilibrium to fix this
  11. My water has a ph of about 7.5, a GH of about 75-150ppm, and a KH that ranges from 0 sometimes all the way to between 40 and 80 ppm. I have come up with the conclusion that my water lacks calcium and the hardness I do have is magnesium because the snails In my tanks have flaky white shells and my java fern seems to stay small and some leaves look oddly white. I am dosing easy green, but it doesn’t have calcium. I am mainly concerned with my stem plants because I rely on liquid dosing only for them and I don’t want to lose them. I also like snails so I would like them to be healthy and I’m sure the fish need calcium too. What would be the safest way for me to add calcium to my aquariums so that the amount is steady and not drastically shifting my water parameters, stressing out fish? I’m not entirely sure crushed coral is good for me because my ph is already a bit high, but I still don’t know how it works completely. I would also try egg shells, but I don’t know how to do it or how safe/effective it is. I’m completely stumped and some help would be greatly appreciated 🙂
  12. I wonder can you have too much calcium? I know I have pest or bladder snails in half of my tanks, but my potho roots grow incredible. Now looking at this, it could be due to the light and the random snail shells left behind. Could I add wonder shells to what is already there in my other tanks? Even if some have crushed coral? Now the tank that has crushed coral and snail shells plus the incredible light is the tank that grows like crazy. I have all hard water and 7.6 ph in all tanks. I don’t want to mess with ph, but that will be with water from my well with gh and KH. I just want better plant growth. Thoughts here? Tanks: 48 gallon: crushed coral and no pest snails, only nerite and slow reproducing (forgot the name). Plants grow medium, good LED aquenon kit light, pothos have to be established with root system before adding here because of Buenos Aires tetras will eat. 2.6g fluval: crushed coral, great LED light, pest snails constantly reproducing, one nitrite snail, and pothos grows extremely fast root system here. Basically my start up tank for propagation. first 10g: good light, pest snails, one nerite snail, no crushed coral, pothos grows slower but will grow. second ten gallon: okay light, no pest snails, one nerite snail, no crushed coral, pothos grows extremely slow until moved out of filter and into tank light and then started picking up pace. so from what I see is that extra calcium helps, but my Buenos Aires are a predator. The great tank light of my 2.6g is crucial as well. But my question remains, what is too much calcium? As for parameters, All tanks are a stable- ph7.6, ammonia and nitrite 0ppm and nitrates at 40-80ppm in the red on the api scale. Hard to read but room for plants to grow here and absorb. I’ve been doing weekly water changes as well. (I got covid and it did get out of control and my older plants died so I am planting new ones.)
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