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Found 9 results

  1. Thought this was pretty neat and figured I'd post it here for you guys. I wont rip off the whole article, but a quick excerpt to give you an idea of what they did, Scientists from the RIKEN Center for Brain Science (CBS) and collaborators in Japan have discovered particular neurons in the brain that monitor whether predictions made by fish actually come true. By making use of a new virtual reality-outfitted aquarium where brain imaging of zebrafish can be done as they learn and navigate through virtual reality cues, researchers found neurons that allow efficient risk avoidance and create a “hazard map” in the brain that allows for escape to safety. Link to full article: Zebrafish in Virtual Reality Experiment Predict the Future To Avoid Danger: https://scitechdaily.com/zebrafish-in-virtual-reality-experiment-predict-the-future-to-avoid-danger The study itself: Zebrafish capable of generating future state prediction error show show improved active avoidance behavior in virtual reality https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-021-26010-7
  2. I try to write common and scientific names correctly, but I think that I capitalize names more often than I should. I would appreciate a bit of a refresher course on this topic from the science friends in the forum.
  3. Massive and mysterious, a 100-pound fish washed ashore. Scientists hope to learn its secrets.
  4. Hey everyone, I know aquarium salt does not evaporate, but what about fish meds, like erythromycin and Paracleanse? Thanks!
  5. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE angelfish. I came across this article explaing the recessive and dominant genes of an angelfish. Keep in mind that when breeding angelfish this isn't a must have information all though it can be very helpful when trying to breed a desired trait for an angelfish. This a very interesting read and I reccemend it to any nerm that likes sience or biology. https://pethelpful.com/fish-aquariums/How-to-keep-Angelfish-Tropical-Tank-Set-Up Here are the recessive and dominant genes in a angelfish: Common Phenotype Genetic Symbol Domestic Silver + Dark D Marble M Gold Marbled Gm Gold g Zebra Z Sripeless S Smokey Sm Veiled V Streaked St Pearlscale P Albino a a Capitol letter being a dominot gene and lowercase being a recessive gene.
  6. Good morning all! Recently I watched one of the Coop's video's where Cory was talking about why we do water changes, and he mentioned "fear" as one of the reasons. That resonated with me because since starting this hobby in July 2020, that has been my motivation. Anyway, after watching that, I decided to get some test strips and stop fanatically testing my water every two days and to try to enjoy the fish more than stressing about parameters. It was an anxious time, but I finally learned that the ecosystem in my 29 is actually doing really well without me messing with it. I learned that I can wait to change water for about two weeks instead of twice a week - that was a feat of willpower.😃 But..... I have researched and watched videos about the relationship between pH, gH, and kH, and read the posts on the Forum that are related, but I still have some questions... My main tank is 29gal with sponge filters and it has been set up for about 6 -7 weeks, using media from an established tank. It is heavily planted (and has cholla wood and various river rocks which I have had since July) with a substrate of eco-complete and a black sand cap. I use Easy Green 1 time per week and root tabs once at the start and once last week - the corys and swordtails dug them up though. I have a bunch of hitchhiker snails, 3 Mystery snails, and 4-5 Amano shrimp. I also have 5 Panda and 6 Pygmy corydoras, 6 Black Neon and 10 Ember tetras, and three Swordtails, 2 F,1 M. It seems like a lot of fish, but I had to consolidate two tanks on the fly, plus they are doing great. My numbers are regularly 0-ammonia, 0 -nitrite, ~20 - nitrate, and pH of 7.8 - 8.0. My water is hard, GH of 180-300, and at first, the KH was around 120 (these values are from test strips; I've a kit on order). Within the last week or so the KH has been testing at around 40. Why has it fallen? Is it because I'm changing water less frequently and thus replenishing the minerals less frequently? The pH and GH are the same as before though. Are the plants, snails, shrimp and/or fish depleting it, and if so, should I use Wonder Shell or crushed coral. I've read that crushed coral raises pH and hardness, and my water is already very hard and the pH is quite high. Will messing with the KH affect those parameters? If I leave it alone, will my shrimp and snails suffer? I've read both to do something and to do nothing. If I'm adding something, how much should I add and how often? I should get my Gh and KH test kit this week and then will have more accurate numbers.
  7. I am not associated with this company other than using some of their products. Wastewater Treatment Strategies for Biological Nutrient Removal of Nitrogen WWW.YSI.COM Biological nutrient removal (BNR) is the new standard for wastewater secondary treatment strategies. BNR involves the recruitment and growth of specific microorganisms that either convert or remove nutrients like...
  8. I’ve heard Cory say that plants can’t see blue light and only algae can in a live stream or video. Is this true and if it is then why do companies even put blue leds in lights? I’m battling this hairy green algae growing on my val and some other plants. I have no idea what type of algae it is but I can only describe it as a dwarf green hair algae and it’s not regular green hair algae.
  9. After watching the live stream yesterday (Link Here). I remembered this info I watched some time ago at Khan Academy. So if you want to geek out, go have a look. Specific heat, heat of vaporization, and density of water Evaporative cooling (Video)
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