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  1. Besides filter socks, Seachem purigen is pretty good at polishing water and can be recharged
  2. I have various nanofish that have been successful at colony breeding. And hatch bbs as consistently as I can but know that some fish fry are much too small to eat bbs. Ive basically relied on the mulm and ecosystem of the tank to provide the small enough foods for small fry. Since I’m not collecting the eggs, I was thinking of optimizing a way to have a continuous source of the micro organisms available. I was thinking of using a breeder box with moss/catappa leaves to act as a sort of refugium for micro organisms. I bought the fluval holder and breeder box, which is basically an “air driven hang on back filter”. With the idea that microorganisms can flourish in a safe space and continuously flow into the tank with the return flow. Has anyone tried this before? Or opinions on the idea? I’m not sure if copepods and worms that live on surfaces would actually free float back into the tank. And it would require physical effort to move them into the tank.
  3. What do you do with a fish species when you have a tank with schooling fish but after years their numbers dwindle down? I have some rasboras, but don't really want to buy more of this species and focus on other fish. I was hoping to take care of them until they naturally passed away. I kept them in a tank with some some ricefish. Now that I only have a couple left, is it better to give them away? Or move them into a community tank with rasboras of a different species? I was thinking now that their school is gone that I should consider moving them. I think the highly energetic ricefish would be more stressful than a tank with other similar energetic fish.
  4. That’s white tuff stuff is basically rotifers and water mold. Basically you have too much dissolved organics. I probably would clean it up manually, increase filtration. Might be feeding too much, the extra food is fueling the white tuff growth
  5. They are on a white background. Fish try to be lighter colored against white, it could be they delaying coloring up? mid you see fry eating. Then I think they are okay and just keep growing them up !
  6. Will you using hanging lights for it? Will you be using any pond plants? I’m also confused by the height, from the photos wouldnt this be considered really shallow?? I know arowana are a surface feeder but feel like limiting the height might be stressful since it can’t escape lower and might jump?
  7. I love scarlet badis! I have a super breeding pair and have sooooo many juveniles all the time. They colony breed really easily. They even showed up in other tanks when I moved plants around. I think having a breeding shrimp colony in the fry tank is really helpful to success, I’m pretty sure shrimplets are like perfect fry food. I’ve lost 2 females but have been really lucky on getting females scarlet badis. I added photos of a tank that has the parents and some fry and the other tank that has an army of scarlet badis from when I moved some moss.
  8. Okay while my vote is for Khuli loaches cause they are so cool and cute. The endler photo is not doing any justice here
  9. I got a couple new fish that I ordered online. Ordered chili rasboras and CPDs. On arrival I had half the chili rasboras dead. I put them in a cycled QT tank. The chili rasboras all died, fortunately the CPDs are looking good. They have colored back up and eating well. But had a couple suddenly die with distinct yellow internal coloring. Picture attached shows a CPD that is clearly colored up, the fins if in water are fully visibly orange. But the belly and top of the head are very visibly bright neon yellow. As all the fish in the QT, not concerned about spreading but would like to have an idea of what it is so I could treat it effectively. Tank parameters are Amon and Nitrite 0 ppm. Nitrate 10-20 ppm. Hard water. pH 7.2.
  10. I have a male betta fish. I got him when he was small enough to make a Dixie cup look huge. He has always had this small raised bump on this side. But slowly over the past 6 months it has noticeably gotten more white. It looks as if the scales that used to be there no longer are. The bump has always been growing proportionally to his body growth so assumed it was perhaps a benign tumor growth. His behaviour is the same; active swimmer, curious explorer and energetic enough to always pick fights against his nerite roommate. In your opinion is this a tumor or an abscess? Because it’s been a bump he’s had for over a year, I thought it was a tumor but because of the white color I’m now wondering if it’s an abscess and if it’s possible to treat Planted 45 cm, 4 gallon shallow long tank. Temp is 78F. Nitrate ~10-25ppm. (Ammonia Nitrite 0ppm). Hard water. 6.8 pH. He’s a cull from a local crowntail/halfmoon breeder
  11. I think the best thing do to is always go as big as you can afford and fit. Its wayy more disappointing in the future when you think I could have fit a larger tank here.
  12. We need an aquarium coop product of this! I learned the hard way how badly I need a funnel to refill the bottle
  13. Hello not sure where to submit website bugs and misc “complaints” The website seems to be randomly bugged in some sections. Looks like it’s showing backend text over the pages. I figured if I see this others do too and your team won’t know unless told. I have a small concern about the educational blog section! It’s hard to navigate. It felt like there were a few amount of articles. I didn’t know you could see more articles! To explain: You reach a point that looks like that’s the end of the blog after a couple articles when you run into a categories section and it suggest that’s the end. You need to scroll way further and below the ads for a “load more” button. This is probably on the list of things to do and not a priority. But I can believe the “load more” placement could be easily overlooked by people who use the website often! Also, would suggest that even in the beginner advice should be in a more foundational order. It took hitting “load more” and scrolling further to finally get to a checklist for starting a new aquarium! It found it’s hard to find information and as a side note the FAQ is honestly overwhelming.
  14. I can get scarlet badis to eat first bites, but it has to be in motion. Even tank raised they picking eaters, mine are lucky I hatch bbs and live blackworms for them. Spoiled fish.
  15. I'm going to be honest, from experience spawning media will grab eggs and can be taken out, but I dont know how many eggs I would have missed. The fry I got was from doing just that, I can see eggs from ricefish and rainbow fish but scarlet badis I have yet to visible hold or see the eggs, I believe they are really tiny eggs. I would just for a month keep pulling out subwassertang every 3 days. Other tip is in the new hatching tank, squeeze out your tanks filter sponge in it for all the mulm. It will be full of little life and put in some sort of leaf litter.
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