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Hello not sure where to submit website bugs and misc “complaints”

The website seems to be randomly bugged in some sections. Looks like it’s showing backend text over the pages. I figured if I see this others do too and your team won’t know unless told. 

I have a small concern about the educational blog section! It’s hard to navigate. 

It felt like there were a few amount of articles. I didn’t know you could see more articles!

To explain: You reach a point that looks like that’s the end of the blog after a couple articles when you run into a categories section and it suggest that’s the end. You need to scroll way further and below the ads for a “load more” button.

This is probably on the list of things to do and not a priority. But I can believe the “load more” placement could be easily overlooked by people who use the website often!

Also, would suggest that even in the beginner advice should be in a more foundational order. It took hitting “load more” and scrolling further to finally get to a checklist for starting a new aquarium! It found it’s hard to find information and as a side note the FAQ is honestly overwhelming. 





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@Liddojunior I do not see the issues on my end using my mobile browser. However, we are currently working on some website enhancements, and maybe this was a bug that has been corrected over the past few hours.

Thank you for the feedback. The team is working on the website, so we will look at ways in which we can improve the customer experience. 

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