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  1. I’m not sure if I’ve seen this but I know you guys love little hacks. It’s fairly self explanatory, but you just cut the top off of a 16-24oz bottle, I used a coke bottle. And bam. It fits snugly, but is very easy to remove, but won’t accidentally get bumped or fall out while refilling your bottle. I could never find a funnel that fit well, and didn’t get clogged while refilling, then I had this genius idea. Hopefully someone hasn’t thought of this, sorry if this is common knowledge.
  2. Sorry if this is question has been asked a million times. I was curious if we have a general ETA for the Aquarium Co-op LED light coming out? I'm really excited for it as I feel most of the lights that are available to hobbyists right now are either not that great, or very expensive when furnishing multiple tanks. If I missed any news about it I apologize. I just need 5 new lights for my 5 tanks, and I don't want to buy them if something more interesting is coming from the Co-op as I've loved every product they've made so far. Thanks! :)
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