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Question on Dwarf Aquarium Lily

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Everywhere that I read, people say to wait until the bulb sprouts, then bury it halfway. But, the directions say that it can be planted halfway; after it sprouted. 

Is it OK to leave the bulb on top of the substrate? Or, must it be planted halfway?

P.S. It looks more like a tuber, to me.


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1 minute ago, OceanTruth said:

I’ve never buried my lilies. I just leave them on top of the substrate and let the roots anchor themselves in.

Thanks! I would have to do some serious excavation, in order to bury it, where it's going. 

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I know, tubers and bulbs are so confusing! Bulbs definitely have things like basal plates that tubers (which are swollen stems) do not. The illustration below is of a tunicate (meaning arranged in layers) bulb. But if I remember correctly, lilies are imbricate (meaning overlapping like roof shingles) bulbs.


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1 hour ago, Maggie said:

I left mine on the top of substrate. Its interesting to see the roots finding their way down.  



Mine will be hidden behind a rock; with the leaves poking up above it. I hope!


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