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Hello, I've Been Stalking this Site for Awhile...


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I have been watching Cory's videos for some months now, and have become a BIG FAN!! I recently upgraded from a ten gallon to a 20, and desperately would like to avoid killing all my plants this time, and take my aquarium more seriously in general. I have 5 white cloud minnows (golden type) and 5 corydoras. I want to have baby fishies someday. Please help me keep everything alive for now.

(the pic below is my previous 10 gal, my 20 long looks about the same but bigger...)


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The plant on your right is hornwort it looks like. This plant never grows roots. It's meant to be a floating plant. So if you see it kind of rot off eventually from the substrate that would be why. It grows pretty quick, so some people keep replanting it that way.

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3 hours ago, Volcano said:

Please help me keep everything alive for now.

Hi Volcano. I'm almost in the same situation. I just started learning about how to do this right a couple months ago. 

Do some learning on water parameters - particularly ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. I honestly found the info boring, and the test kits expensive, but it's stuff you'll need to know to keep both animals and plants alive. Super basically: Ammonia and nitrite are taken care of by bacteria you can simply buy in a bottle. Nitrate is mainly taken care of by water changes and plants. There's a ton more detail, but that's a start.

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