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  1. San Francisco Bay brine shrimp (small tube) Hi, Do you have any of these in the store right now? We stopped by last weekend and bought some fish but these were out of stock. We were hoping to visit this afternoon-is it possible to pick up one dry item outside the storefront? Thanks, Volcano edit: or do you have predictions about when they will be restocked?
  2. Ahhhh.....thank you. I guess I will put that on my list, then:) (pain)
  3. Hello! I just found some Seachem in the back of my fridge, which I vaguely remember purchasing from around ten years ago. I couldn't find the expiration date; the liquid is dark brown and smells a bit like soy sauce. Is this salvageable? I thought it was supposed to be clear...Seachem is so expensive...
  4. These are intentional pee-free pellets that he leaves in his very favorite spots. Hence, why he is not allowed on the couch anymore...we have quite a collection of them:)
  5. This is Chester- he loves cello, his food, dancing, and the couch. Here he's taking an afternoon break by my workspace. So I have an abundance of rabbit pellets, could I bake them and use them as fertilizer for the aquarium plants, or is this extremely unsafe?
  6. There is one fish (out of four white cloud minnows) that seems to be lacking oxygen for some reason. I recently installed a CO2 pump, could this be affecting the fish? Do I need an air pump to balance this, and why is it one particular fish? Apologies, my camera is a dinosaur. Any advice would be helpful, thank you.
  7. I got rid of the outbreak with hydrogen peroxide. Switched tanks. Put in more plants. Params looking good. But STILL I sometimes see grain-sized bits attempting to grow...What causes this, does anyone know? I searched but couldn't find anything, but it's like there are little Cyanobacteria spores everywhere, just WAITING to grow~~~~arrrgggghhh!!! Sorry, I don't have a pic right now, just removed a few little dots:(...
  8. Look! I have miniature plants! No, but I almost killed them several years ago, they sent up these little babies as a last resort, now the little guys have not grown ONE BIT. I DISTINCTLY remember these plants used to be bigger. I have sufficient lighting, and fertilizer. I am cheap, so I have neglected carbon dioxide...but I swear I bought Amazon swords and anubias nana...or was it barteri? I don't know anymore. Can you give me some advice for making them grow??? -edit: ran out of superglue-where can I find lots for cheap?
  9. So I have five white clouds, the first fish is what they used to look like, and the second is what four of them look like now. I recently converted my 10 gal to a 20 gal. You can see on the first fish that he's starting to look like the second. What is this? I noticed that my zebra danios had this years ago for quite a while, before someone pointed this out on these fish I didn't think to ask...which one is 'normal'? (sorry couldn't get a super good pic) edit-I recently popped some pond snails in for the assassin snails to eat/bc I wanted to get rid of them+2 more pics (fish is getting darker)
  10. Hello! I have been watching Cory's videos for some months now, and have become a BIG FAN!! I recently upgraded from a ten gallon to a 20, and desperately would like to avoid killing all my plants this time, and take my aquarium more seriously in general. I have 5 white cloud minnows (golden type) and 5 corydoras. I want to have baby fishies someday. Please help me keep everything alive for now. (the pic below is my previous 10 gal, my 20 long looks about the same but bigger...)
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