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Found 14 results

  1. I haven't even noticed, when this blue-green algae first appeared in my freshwater tank. And not it is impossible to get rid of it. I've already read some info on the topic, like https://www.thesprucepets.com/cyanobacteria-blue-green-algae-1378628 or https://thepets.net/how-to-get-rid-of-blue-green-algae-in-a-freshwater-aquarium/ but want to ask for real experinece to prevent killing beneficial becteria. Any thoughts?
  2. Hi Everyone, I'd really be interested in hearing from any of you who have had to tackle blue/green algae or are currently fighting this algae. I know it's not actually an algae but a bacteria. I've just started treatment for mine today with a product called Cerpofor Aerocol which is what my LFS here in the Uk have given me. I have to dose for three days, I'm told it's Ok with my fish. My tank is a fairly new tank and everything has been going fine until this horrible algae appeared, it grows so fast. I think it's occurred because I've put plant soil beneath my substrate, being new to the hobby I thought this would be great for the many plants I have in my aquarium, I regret this decision now. I was leaving the lights on for about 10 hours a day for the plants but this I'm going to reduce to eight once I've hopefully eradicated this algae. I'm also planning on leaving the lights off for the next three days. I do have an air stone which is left on most of the time and a good filter. The carbon from the filter has been removed whilst treating the algae as per dosing instructions. The tank is 100L lightly stocked with 5 Danios and 5 Cherry Barbs which are lightly fed once a day at the moment (I'm strict about the feeding). Daily water readings since the start of set up have been great. I used Fritz Zyme 7 BB to get the cycle going. My readings for Ammonia and Nitrite have been 0 since day one and my Nitrates range from 10 to 20 ppm. PH8 a little high but I have hard water in my area. I have done two water changes of about 20% which have happened whilst syphoning off the algae from the substrate. How have you guys faired with battling this algae. Any experiences or advice is most welcomed. Thanks.
  3. I have a 29 gallon tank in my preschool classroom that had been set up for around 4 years. A couple of months ago I had to replace the tank because it got a crack in the glass (preschool mishaps) and decided to change out the substrate and add some more plants while I was moving everything. A little while after moving everything into the new tank I noticed this black stuff all over the place. It seems to be concentrated mostly on the edges of the plants (particularly the anubias), but it's also on the substrate and decorations. I'm not sure if it's algae or something else. I tried removing it by hand, but it wouldn't come off. My otocinclus and pond snails don't seem to be making a dent in it either. The new growth on the plants doesn't have any black on them. So my questions are: What is this black stuff and how do I get rid of it?
  4. Recently got a 55 gallon set up and noticed some algae growth on the rocks. Is this anything to worry about? I recently picked up some snails, a clown pleco and Otos, but they haven't had a chance to start cleaning this up. Didn't know if this is normal algae growth or something to be worried about.
  5. I've got a type of algae in my tank I've never seen before. I've been gone for about two weeks and had a friend just feeding the fish and came home to this anyone know what it is?
  6. Curious. I have a bad/recurring case of Cyano in one tank in particular (which may have also cross-contaminated to our two other tanks? Unsure there...looking for advice to end this completely in all. All that being said I also have a question that relates directly to this AQ Coop Blog: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/blue-green-alga Simply the blog states: "To begin treatment, scrub off as much of the blue-green algae as possible and remove it with a siphon. After vacuuming the substrate and refilling the tank, add one full dose of Maracyn (which is 1 packet per 10 gallons of water), and let the aquarium sit for one week before doing another water change. The earlier you treat the outbreak, the easier it is to eradicate. If the blue-green algae is very thick and widespread, you may need to repeat the treatment several times to completely remove the colony." So on the Maracyn packet, it states to dose for 5 days? Wondering did I read something wrong in the blog or on the Maracyn pack? Or is the direction different in the blog as it writing towards the purpose of killing the Cyano vs. curing fish? And to provide some extra background info: I did do this about 1.5 years ago. When I did so, we went on vacation and my brother & nephew maintained the last day or so of the tank meds. Upon return we had lost 1 frog (2 survived). Unsure if that was due to the meds or otherwise. Also upon return the tank appeared to have No signs of Cyno? But maybe something was re-introduced, or other-wise. A few more details about the tank. I chose the Maracyn route as I understood it is considered generally safe for the African Dwarf Frogs and and the Cyano was all over more or less. I had initially thought it was just algae and that I needed another snail. 😞 Also the sand has plants: some low growing Valisneria (it never grows high, maybe due to the cyano?), a few/two? buce plants, and a sand substrate (horrible with the cyano!). It's a 20L with an Aquaclear 30 filter. There is also an Volcano with some air pumping through it. Currently this tank houses 6 cherry barbs, 2 ADF's, a pagoda snail, 2 horned nerites, and 1 kupa nerite. Much appreciate the assistance.
  7. How do I get rid of the algae on the substrate (see photos)? Nerites, Cory's, and Octocinclus pass it by. Any tips?
  8. I got rid of the outbreak with hydrogen peroxide. Switched tanks. Put in more plants. Params looking good. But STILL I sometimes see grain-sized bits attempting to grow...What causes this, does anyone know? I searched but couldn't find anything, but it's like there are little Cyanobacteria spores everywhere, just WAITING to grow~~~~arrrgggghhh!!! Sorry, I don't have a pic right now, just removed a few little dots:(...
  9. I have 5 baby jewel cichlids in a breeder box. They are doing really well. I feed them bbs twice a day. They are 14 days old. I have Cyanobacteria in this same tank. I've been doing small water changes and cleaning up as much of it out of the tank as possible but I'd like to medicate the tank with Maracyn without moving the fry. I'm just not sure if it would hurt the fry. Before I do this though I'd like opinions on if it's a bad idea.
  10. Happy New Year! I am in the process of cycling 12 new tanks. Several of them are cycled. Most have only pest bladder snails or a few Nerites. No fish. Four of them have cyanobacteria, which I merrily spread through the tanks by moving an infected square of Java Moss to see how it looked. I have been spot treating with Hydrogen Peroxide and manually removing the small patches, which I can smell even with the lid closed. Burns my nose. Affects my breathing which isn't good to start with. Now here is where it gets confusing for me. I am stocked up on Maracyn and want to treat the tanks. I am gearing up to slowly stock the tanks, which range in size from 20 gallons to 5.5 gallons. Since there are no other occupants of these new tanks, can I move the first batch of fish directly into their permanent homes, rather than the dedicated quarantine tanks? Can I wait to treat the tanks for Cyanobacteria with Maracyn until after the first fish are in place, since I would be treating the fish with quarantine trio anyways? Then I wouldn't have to do it twice. Any help with a strategy appreciated.
  11. on my 75 gal planted tank my bio load is small 4 angels and 6 baby rams a cpl corys and a cpl more algae eaters dont know ther name and two timy bristle nose plecos. anyway i was always at 0 ppm nitrates so i didnt think i had to do a water change to much i even seen Corys video when he showed the last tour of his shop because he was moving locations and he said the big bins in the middle that he never changed the water. well i ended up with that cyn dont know the real spelling but blue green algae but i watched another of his videos and learned to fix it with erthromyacin . to make a long story short id like to know how i got it. was it fish waist built up? also another question about simple green and iron it has .13 iron and your not supposed to go over 5 does that mean if i dose twice a week id be overloaded with iron? or does the plants eat it up? thankyou everybody.
  12. Would you guys mind playing another game of “ID this algae”? My diatom algae is finally resolving but now this is forming in it’s place. It looks kinda blue/green to me... but I have not seen it in person before so any opinions are welcome! Thanks!
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