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Hello everyone new here looking forward to being a member

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I’m just getting back into fish keeping after about 20 years away from the hobby. I recently moved into a new granny unit that was built for me. I have a rare muscle disease that is progressive, so we set everything up for accessibility for me. This gave me the ability to get a couple tanks going. I just set up a 40 breeder and have a 50 gallon I’ll be starting this weekend. And tonight went and bought a 20 gallon long! Yes already MTS, I really want to try some dwarf cichlids and compatible community fish. Look forward to being here.





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I have some health issues as well, I was just gonna be in the hobby for as long as my body let me but this gives me hope!! Thank you!!

We should start a thread for fish keepers with disabilities and suggestions on how to adapt!!


PS I'm a MTS fish keeper as well. 

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