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  1. I have a 5.5 gallon tank that was given to me and am looking for a reliable inexpensive heater for a betta tank it’ll have a screened top, so basically open top. Also any decent light recommendations for some simple live plants would be appreciated
  2. Ok Nevermind I did a little research and I think I’m good 🤣
  3. Think this will make my fish nervous? I’m thinking right above my tanks.
  4. Anyone know if my finnex stingray 2 will be enough light for pearl weed in a 40 breeder or 20 long?
  5. So how many of us tell ourselves I won’t spend any more money on aquarium stuff this month? I told myself this a couple weeks ago and then I get an email from buceplant that something on my wishlist is available and I got first shot at it (a total ploy I’m sure 🤣) so $60 later some hygrophila compacta an extra bucephalandra Godzilla and a sword red runner later. Then I thought well I’ll read up some stuff on aquarium co op and had to check out some fish food since I ordered some reticulated hillstream loaches from my LFS so repashy soilent green, sure better be ready for them right? Since I’m ordering might as well check out some plants while I’m here, I’m already paying for shipping 🤷🏼‍♂️ Well how about some anubias and pearl weed. Oh then there’s amazon and some smart plugs for my lighting 🤦‍♂️ Hope I have enough food in the freezer.
  6. Welcome , this is such a great resource and everyone is helpful and respectful here so don’t be afraid to ask away 👍
  7. Thank you everyone for the feedback I truly do appreciate it. I went ahead and set up my 20long today with a new sponge filter and a couple squirts of easy green and threw the plants in there with a heater and hopefully my light shows up tomorrow or Friday I’ll keep them in quarantine for a bit. Bonus hopefully I won’t have to dip them
  8. Betsy I ended up getting Red Hadi Amazon swords and Harbich Amazon swords, bucephalandra wavy green, cryptocoryne wendtii bronze and cryptocoryne lucens
  9. Anybody have a great idea then put the money together and set the plans in motion only to have something throw a wrench in it. I finally pulled the trigger on live plants for my 40 breeder everything is arriving this week and then I look into the tank today and noticed ich on one of my rasboras. I just treated this thing and had been monitoring it for the last 2 weeks and everything looked good. But alas here I am now I think I’m going to quarantine the plants and treat my whole tank again really what I wasn’t planning. Now I’ll have to wait to order the rest of the fish I wanted. Sometimes this damn hobby is just a pain. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. So I posted in the plant section earlier, I have plants arriving this week and just noticed a spot of ich on one of my fish, I just recently finished with 2 rounds of treatment using fixick which obviously didn’t do the trick. I’m thinking of using a spare tank to now quarantine the plants instead of setting it up as a fish quarantine tank, but I’ve had a sponge filter going in my main tank and was just about ready to set it up, my question is should I wait to transfer my artificial plants and a couple rocks I was gonna use to jump start the cycle or just wait till everything has gone through the Ich-X treatment, and just cycle the quarantine tank from scratch with the plants in there temporarily
  11. Thank you I’m waiting on my meds to arrive If I notice it increasing I’ll have to run and try something else before it arrives
  12. By the way Cory you were right Fixick didn’t work for me 2 full treatments and it just popped back up. I went ahead and ordered Ich-X from you. Hopefully I’ll be ok until it arrives Friday, thank you for the input
  13. Quick question I have live plants arriving Thursday and Friday and I just noticed I have ich on one of my rasboras. I just recently treated for it and hadn’t noticed anything until today. I just started bringing my temperature back down and was on track to have it at 74-75 . But now I’m having to increase it again. My question is are these plants going to handle 83 degrees or should I float them in another tank for a while? I have some swords and crypts and 1 bucephalandra coming. Thank you for any input on this
  14. Chris OB


    Thanks for the response Cory I’ll have to decide here soon whether to switch meds or complete a full treatment and then switch over
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