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  1. I really appreciate your words you are very kind thank you for your help and understanding. I feel so responsible for little lives in my care and I really beat myself up when something goes wrong. She would have been three this month so yeah so young in my opinion and she was so gorgeous and here come the water works again.
  2. Unfortunately Luna has passed. This is my first large fish loss. Im a bit of a wreck and I feel like a failure. And I miss my girl.
  3. I just switched her over to a cleaner larger quarantine tank. I am hoping the water quality improving will also help her to heal. 0 nitrite 0 nitrate. 0 ammonia. 6.8 ph.
  4. It’s gotten worse. She has a second spot starting. I think she stopped eating. I have been treating her with kanaplex in her food and quarantine tank for 4 treatments now. The fourth treatment was today. I have now added furan for what I believe is septicemia. I added salt again 2 tablespoons to her four gallon. Please help me save my three year old girl. Red spots disease??
  5. Thanks I currently have two table spoons per 3 gallons in as I bumped it up this week. I’ll continue to watch and wait.
  6. Luna my 2 1/2 year old beauty I think injured herself while my male was trying to mate. She was full of eggs and I took out the only possible sharp object in her 90 gallon pond. I can’t tell if it’s improving or getting worse. I gave her 7 day treatment of melafix (yes let’s all sigh together, I had it on hand and used the last of it up because it didn’t look bad at first) as well as two tablespoons of salt per three gallons of water. I have a water change tonight and if it’s not better I can quarantine her but she gets really stressed when away from the others so I was trying to avoid that. I do have Methane Blue on hand. I was thinking of getting a qtip tonight and putting it on her. I don’t have parameters in this post because I believe it to be started by a cut and they will change tonight with the water change. Let me know your thoughts. Soap bubbles in last picture are from the melafix
  7. Y’all has this baby done a glow up or what?!! Thought you would enjoy this dropsy survivor living life!! Ps yes I always take photos after a water change when the water is stirred up. It’s my one fault in fish keeping.
  8. No clue but this is him this morning with nothing sticking up and the white stuff is metallic like his scales
  9. IT WAS SAND!!!! Took a look at him this morning and he’s all metallic and shiny and clean. SAND. Best outcome!
  10. I was trying to sex my first ever butterfly oranda goldfish when I saw this. Normal not normal? Fungus? Had a corydora pass recently so I’m treating it with maracyn 2 currently ammonia is high from finding the poor guy in the plants . Here are the paramaters from Friday before their weekly waterchange. Ammonia-.25 Nitrates- 5. Ph-7.4 Temp-71 GH-89.3 KH- 89.3 Nitrites-0 Thanks
  11. I have had bad luck in general with shipping fish thus why I now only buy local, it definitely curbs my options but our LFS is pretty nice. Unfortunately, I did buy some hillstream loaches from Aquahuna and they did not arrive alive but this was during Covid when shipping was terrible. They were stuck in Seattle for WAY longer than should have been waiting to get a flight out and I live on the east coast. So I do not blame Aquahuna and they gave me a refund. It was just awful getting my shipment on my birthday and opening a box of dead fish. Again, nothing agains Aquahuna this was clearly a shipping issue.
  12. @Patrick_G no this is a MarineLand 3 gallon tank
  13. All right you saw the before photos I spent all day aquascaping a bunch of my tanks. I may still change the 10 gallon up a little because my moss tree I put in is behind the huge Amazon swords and hard to see so I’m thinking of bringing it to the front. Let me know what you think. All in a days 8 hour shift in the fish room!
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