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FishTube - Who Have You Been Watching


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Most of the channels I enjoy are already listed, but to reiterate for funsies:

- Aquarium Co-Op (the bookmarks in the videos are gold...my husband still makes fun of me in public about a particular video....and I totally hot rod-ed my filter because of that video. #worthit)

- Simply Betta (mainly because I love Bettas, but also because she seems like a wonderful person)

- AquaPros (I'm an aqua..sis...for sure!  That aesthetic though...also, I need a Jeffrey update ASAP.  I am very invested in his storyline.  Did I mention that I like Bettas?)

- The Small Scape (all the tiny things, pleaseeeee!)

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I rarely get to sit still long enough for videos, but my schedule is a little lighter in January so I'm getting some YouTube time now. I agree with most of what's been mentioned here. I just found Irene's channel the other day; she made me want platies lol. I like her digestible info as I'm just a year into this and have lots to learn. I love the science mixed with personal experience from Cory and Prime Time Aquatics. Bob Steenfott just made me want banjo catfish, but I have shrimp in both tanks so I guess I'll just rewatch his videos periodically.

And did I mention that I LOVE LOVE LOVE that some of the Coop live streams are released as podcasts???? I spend so much of my life in the car; I wish I could get more fish education while driving, but I am learning thanks to Cory and Randy! Oh and I've learned that there's an actual exercise called "farmer carry," so when I'm hauling buckets in for water changes or to water chickens or horses, I feel like I've joined a fitness trend lol. (We have a water softener for the house, so I carry 2 five-gallon buckets at a time from the barn hydrant to the house for water changes. And that's why I'm not getting another tank for banjo catfish!)

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