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  1. @Manny yeah mate my Bolivians have always been pretty coloured up - I feed them good protein diet and they are just very comfortable in the tank.
  2. They are a softer water fish too from what I understand, so maybe check your GH and KH levels 👌
  3. Hi Melissa ✌️ Your Betta has great colours - Welcome 👍
  4. Hi James, I had a similar problem at one point, and all I did was soak it some boiling water for half an hour and then scrub the stone with a hard bristle brush or even a toothbrush. Make sure the check valve is in correctly too 👍
  5. @HardeepTheLondoner Hi, Yes both the plecos and Rams are in the same tank. I did do some research last night on the whole process so I'm a little more confident. I'll definitely be getting that new tank today for the fry, the male and female are still taking turns at fanning the eggs but have not seen any colour change as they are still white. Thank you for replying.
  6. Hi, all from the forum, Needing some advice as my Bolivian Ram laid eggs on the base of the tanks driftwood less than 20 minutes ago, It's the first time seeing the eggs so I'm not sure if they have been moving the eggs around the tank within the last couple of days or what - I didn't even notice any signs she (Queen Elizabeth) was pregnant 🤨 My question is as this will be my first time taking care of the fry, will my Bristlenose Catfish eat the eggs? Or will the Rams eat them? Will I need to remove them somewhere safe? I currently do not have any spare tanks until I purchase another one tomorrow......im freaking out 🥴
  7. Hello Arc Your tank looks awesome 👌
  8. Neon Tetras are a great little fish, I have 15 in my tank and there very active. My temperature is set between the 24 and 25 Celsius range and their colour shows in low light......for me anyway 👌
  9. Thank you all so far for all the suggestions and advice 👌
  10. @Colu Thanks for the info 👍 My Bristlenose didn't even care about the cave as my Bolivian Rams mainly had that spot - but now the Catfish won't let any of the fish in there so maybe they are getting ready to breed 😩........ I'll need another tank
  11. @James Black I Just took a look and couldn't see any eggs at all around the cave My temp are constant 24 degrees in Celsius. Attached is what I'm currently feeding all my fish on a schedule Mon, Wed, Fri then Sunday then water change.
  12. Hello all, Recently my Three Bristlenose have turned into absolute nightmares and bullying any fish that go near them plus they are constantly ripping up my plants. My tank stock that is Neon Tetras, Glowlight Tetras, Bolivian Rans and my catfish has always been great and friendly plus my tanks parameters are always spot on - Ph - 7.5 Ammonia - 0ppm Nitrite - 0ppm Nitrate - 20ppm KH - 6dkh Gh - 5 drops 89.5ppm (soft water) The only thing that has changed within the last 4 weeks is frozen blood worms that I have included with their varied diet. Could the blood worms be making them aggressive? My other fish are all normal...ish Any suggestions would be appreciated 👌
  13. Fantastic idea 💡 👍 I have the same problem with my Glow Light Tetras Thanks
  14. Tank looks great - I love those Rasboras 👌 Welcome mate 👍
  15. My Bolivian Rams 👌 King Bernie and Queen Elizabeth are my favourites - full of character
  16. MD Fish Tanks https://youtube.com/c/MDFishTanks Blake's Aquatics https://youtube.com/c/BlakesAquatics Keeping Fish Simple https://youtube.com/c/KeepingFishSimple Great vids 👍
  17. Hi mate 👍 I'm new to the forum also and newbie to fish keeping I love your Rasboras!
  18. Hi H.K Thanks mate
  19. Thank you all for the welcome Thanks for the advice Maggie - I'll go check out Irene channel too 👌
  20. Hello everyone, New member and newbie from New South Wales, Australia. Started this addiction in late October 2020 when I saw a Youtube video of MD Fish Tanks aquascaping his tanks and was immediately obsessed. After watching more videos and researching I was truly naive enough to think I'll be the next Aquascape sensation......turns out it's harder then it looks 😀 However, my first tank I bought was the Aqua One Horizon 65 which was a starter kit and my local Pet Quarter store has been sensational with advice and also mentioned the Aquarium co-op YouTube channel and forum. In truth, I'm really into the whole water parameters and plants at the moment but trying to go slow with everything. I've been fighting a small BBA problem at the moment, and I think some plants are lacking certain nutrients so additional research is required. I'm sure I'll gain some knowledge here and hopefully, one day ill be able to give some advice based on my experiences too. Current tank setup - 65 Litre Aqua One tank, basic lighting, Tidal 35 Filter, basic heater, Air pump with an air stone. Fish - 15 Neon Tetras, 5 Glowlight Tetras, 3 Bristlenose Catfish, 1 female Bolivian Ram (Queen Elizabeth) and 1 Male Bolivian Ram (King Bernie) Also, I was recently given a small tank from a mate so it's planted lightly with a Half Moon Betta (Max) Thank you all and look forward to enjoying this forum.
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