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What is this and should I kill it?


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I'm new here and haven't yet figured out how this forum runs. If this is the wrong place, I hope for your forbearance. 

I cared for fish as a teenager, then my work took me around the country and the world. Now, some forty-five years later, I'm retired and have fish again (is that a record?).

Would someone please identify this for me? The main body is about 1/4" tall.



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10 hours ago, Fish Folk said:

Hmm... not sure exactly what it is. Maybe a dragonfly nymph? Looks like the shell from a molting neocaridina shrimp. I’d grab it out and flush it...

If it's a shrimp molt, and I agree that's what it looks like, it's best to leave it in the tank instead of flushing it.  The shrimp will eat it to help restore their mineral level.

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