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Breeding Rainbow Shiners


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Hello Everyone!

I'd like to try to breed my rainbow shiners. I've had them for just under a year now; 17 fish in total.

I don't know how to tell if they are old enough to breed, though. I've attached pictures below. Could anyone with experience tell if these look old enough or ready to breed? I'd also greatly appreciate any tips or recommendations on how to actually breed them.

I'm pretty experienced with breeding Malawi cichlids, but I'm totally new to egg-scatterers. Thank you for the feedback,




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I'd like to know how to actually breed these guys as well, especially how their tank should be set up. I know they eat their own eggs, so I'm guessing bare bottom isn't the way to go. Also, since they are egg scatterers a spawning mop isn't a medium they utilize. Is that correct?

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6 minutes ago, Revan2011 said:

Thanks all. I actually bought these as fry from aquaculturestore.com who catches and breeds them, along with many other natives. So I don't think they'd be all females. I take it from your response @WhitecloudDynasty that you don't think these fish look ready to breed?


No, when the female are ready the male will fire up red. How many month have you had them? Mine would start coloring up at 6-8month with decent lighting. Their blue marking should come in to stay. 


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