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In another thread it has been determined that my 75 is experiencing an algae bloom. According to Alexa, my new UV sterilizer will arrive tomorrow. Should I do a major water change prior to the running it?

On another note, in the past, Cory has said in some of his videos that an algae bloom is good for the fish. Why?

It’s just bad that I can’t see the bubbles coming out of my sponge filters or any fish in the back of the tank, lol.

And one of my bulb plants is blooming, multiple flowers.


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17 minutes ago, Tanked said:

Dependent on which UVS you purchased, you will have to change the water anyway.  The majority of the UVSs only kill the free floating algae. They don't remove it.  You will get better results sooner if  you change the water first.

Ultraviolet light typically doesn't outright kill the algae, but instead the damages the algal DNA inhibiting its reproduction. Overtime as free floating algae reproduction slows water clarity increases. So as @Tanked says a water change will greatly lessen the amount of algae in the water to begin with thereby by giving quicker results.

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