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I was wondering what's everyone's feeding routine for their aquariums.

I usually feed my fish small quantities two or three times a day; I feed them mostly dry food, and then I feed them freeze dried or frozen foods 2 - 3 times a week.

Does anyone feed their fish frozen and / or kive food exclusively? If so, that ot affect the frequency ofbyour water changes?

Also, I was wondering how many of you have a day when they don't feed their fish at all.


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I usually feed mine twice a day, two of extreme nano pellets, krill flakes or bug bites, 5 days a week.  Then Saturday they get one of the above in the morning and then live bbs in the evening.  Sunday all but the molly fry fast.  My pleco baby gets green beans about every other day and an algae wafer sometimes.  The adult mollies get green beans too but not as often.  

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Lots of variety here:

And lots of people skip a day and let their fish fast:

The bulk of what I feed is live foods and I do think it slightly reduces the need for water changes, but this could be totally be wishful thinking on my part.

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Right now I'm trying different foods to see what my fish like.

I just moved my ember tetras from a 5 gallon to a 40 breeder and this obviously affects what I can feed them. In the 5 gallon I used to give them flakes instead of pellets because of the shorter water column (the pellets would sink too fast). Now that they are in a taller tank and I got smaller pellets they prefer these.

For freeze dried treats I give them tubiflex and bloodworms that I pre-sink for a little bit.

The only frozen foods I have tried are baby brine shrimp and daphnia. They seem to prefer the former, due to size, I guess. I'm planning on getting a bigger variety of frozen foods, starting with bloodworms

My panda corys eat whatever falls all the way down, plus Hikari sinking wafers.

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