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Found 6 results

  1. I known most of you seasoned and experienced fish keepers have your own personal way you like to feed your community fish, whether it's once daily, twice daily, in the morning only, at night, different foods every day or same food every day - everyone has their own rhythm that works for their lives and their fish. I'm interested in hearing what your schedule is like! I'll go first! (Just keep in mind that I'm still tweaking) My 29g Community tank houses 16 Cardinal Tetra we call 'The Mafia', 6 Panda Corydoras we call 'The Crew', 5 Nerite Snails (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Bob), 8 Ghost Shrimp collectively called "The Invisibles" and 1 Grumpy but handsome Yellow Dragonscale Plakat Betta called 'Yuzu'. Mon -A.M.: Hikari Freeze Dried Daphnia - P.M.: Sera Vipachips Sinking waters (after lights out for Cories) Tue -A.M.: Xtreme Nano - P.M.: N/A Wed -A.M.: Hikari Vibrabites - P.M.: Sera Vipachips Sinking Wafers Thu -A.M.: Tetra Freeze Dried Blood Worms. - P.M.: N/A Fri -A.M.: Xtreme Nano - P.M.: Sera Vipachips Sinking Wafers. Sat -A.M.: Vibrabites - P.M.: N/A Sun- FASTING (Tank Maintenance) I did just purchase Repashy Community Plus and Sera O-Nip Nature Treat Tablets, so I'll have to figure out how I'll add those in and when... but, that's currently my feeding schedule!
  2. Hi all, In need of some help. I bought a betta fish from a big box pet store about two months ago (so, rescued from a cup). I took him off the shelf when I saw he was floating on his side (immediately righted himself once I touched the cup so I knew he wasn’t dead, lol). Based off this I strongly suspected swim bladder problems and wanted to help as the average person who walked into the store might not know what’s wrong. Additionally, he is also very petite for a male betta, even a younger one from the pet store. I have him by himself in a 9 gallon Fluval flex tank (with live plants and the output flow is slowed down a lot with sponges so he’s not blown around). When I first put him in his new tank, the swim bladder issue seemed to correct itself and he was able to swim normally and explore. From there I fed him about one pellet a day. Occasionally he would seem to have problems and be stuck at the top again and then I’d back off the food. I think after awhile he seemed to be doing ok (still didn’t seem quite normal some or a lot of the time as far as spending a lot of time at the surface of the tank) so I graduated him to a pellet in the morning and one at night for several days. The swim bladder issues became more frequent (this started to get worse weeks ago) so of course I backed off the food and started fasting. When that only seemed to help a little I tried a small piece of cooked pea. Fast forward the issues have continued and now they are worse. I have alternated fasting, small pieces of pea, fasting again, daphnia, fasting, and a few epsom salt baths (spread out a couple days apart). I had aquarium salt in his normal tank but I read that can make it worse so I’ve done enough water changes to remove it. After the first Epsom salt bath, when I removed him from the recovery bath to his tank, he immediately went to the bottom, swam normally, and hid under a plant, but within minutes was swimming right at the top again. The last two did not seem to help at all. He is at the point where when he rests he is always on his side now. And he is having trouble getting around (he’s flopping/side swimming). The last food he had was a small piece of pea again last night (he hadn’t had food for a few days and I tried a pea once more as a last ditch effort). I did notice during the bath today he had some feces coming out, but at this point pooping doesn’t really seem to help him (although he definitely has abdominal swelling). Overall he has an appetite and energy (well when he gets startled or tries to swim away) he just can’t get around properly anymore and I feel so bad for him after trying multiple things. Also, no pine coning of the scales is happening, his scales and fins and color appear very healthy. Just keep in mind he is very petite still so I’m wondering if this is a birth defect issue. Water parameters are: 0 (or less than 5ppm nitrites/nitrates). Ammonia is fine. pH is 7.5, KH is around 80 and GH is around 120 (water is a little hard where I live normally so I’m thinking of using spring water instead of my treated tap water?) Any feedback is welcome. I saw another thread where kanaplex was recommended. I can try that, but has anyone else had this problem before and is it possible he just has some sort of birth defect or internal issue not caused by constipation or overeating? Pictures are attached of his tank and him in the salt baths (side resting and bloated abdomen). He also frequently has the trademark S curve in his back.
  3. I'm reading up on quarantining new fish as it's been more than a decade since I've done it and I'm planning to start a new tank from scratch, probably with fish from multiple sources. In the Co-op article "How to Quarantine Fish the Easy Way" in the description of proactively treating fish, it says to let the 3 meds soak in the water for seven days without feeding the fish. I would have thought that 7 days without food would kill small fish like the ones I am planning (gourami, platies) especially if they've been kept in suboptimal conditions--I'm wondering if I should feed them up for a week or more before starting the meds to increase the odds they survive fasting that long? What do you all do?
  4. With the exception of young fry, we fast all of our fish on Sundays. Here are a few reasons our fish like this... and so do we: (1) Overfeeding is a common problem. Giving a day off of food does some balancing of the scales. (2) Food isn’t free. How many times we’ve traded in bags of hone-bred-and-raised fish to our LFS that took half a year to raise, only to come out with a few bottles of flake food... i cannot count. This shaves off that expense by 1/7th of a week. (3) Fasting days allow biological filtration some time to catch up. Fish are not the only living organisms in an aquatic eco-space. Bio works harder than anything with little or no thanks. A day off isn’t much, but it helps balance. (4) Fish care takes time, and can quickly grow tedious. A day off _for the fish keeper_ makes the joy of seeing tanks the next day all the better. (5) Just watching fish feed the morning after a fast day makes you fall in love with the hobby all over again...
  5. How long have ya’ll let your fish go without food? I’m on short trip right now and they’re all going roughly two days with no one watching them. It’s my first time leaving them like this I’m curious if others leave their fish for a couple days or more at a time? Everything I’ve read says it’s fine, in fact some people would rather not feed the fish for a week than trust someone else to feed.
  6. I was wondering what's everyone's feeding routine for their aquariums. I usually feed my fish small quantities two or three times a day; I feed them mostly dry food, and then I feed them freeze dried or frozen foods 2 - 3 times a week. Does anyone feed their fish frozen and / or kive food exclusively? If so, that ot affect the frequency ofbyour water changes? Also, I was wondering how many of you have a day when they don't feed their fish at all. Thanks!
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