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  1. Yeah, the Minerals one has Magnesium, that's what I was suspecting, thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, The water in my planted tank is testing in the range of 150 ppm GH (I'm using Aquarium Coop test strips). I don't have any rocks or substrate in that tank that would raise general hardness so much, so I am wondering if it's the fertilizers. I'm using ADA Green Brighty N, Neutral K, Iron, and Mineral. Coyld any of these affect GH? (Note: I was using Green Brighty K until a couple of weeks ago when I changed to Neutral K, but the GH high levels persist). Thanks!
  3. I've tried aquarium salt. Is epson salt different?
  4. Ok, so I need some serious advice here. It's been almost 2 months since I transfered the fish to the hospital tank. She is not back to normal, but she's not worse either. If anything, she's betterbthatbshe was at her worst. At this point, if whatever she has hasn't killed her, I'm starting to think that maybe I should put her back in the community tank so at least she is in a nice 40g planted aquarium The question then is... can she still be contagious to other fish? I've been using salt, maracyn and kanaplex, so I don't know if there can be any bacteria around anymore... Would you put it back un the community tank?
  5. So, I've been treating the apisto with salt, erythromycin for a while, and then with Kanaplex for the las few days. It's still alive, active, and eating well, but it's still swollen, I wouldn't be able to say of it's as much as before or less, but definitely not more... I am very confused, because when I have had sick fish in the past they have died pretty quickly and this one has been in the hosoital tank for more than 10 days and doesn't seem to be getting worse nor better... Any thoughts?
  6. 2 month update: the tank is looking great. Plants are healthy, except fpr the echinodorus bleheri, which was outgrown by the neighboing plants and now is not getting enough light. It's funny that the two plants that haven't done well in this tank (the amazon sword and the val) are the two types that were the easiest for me when I started in the hobby. I had one otocinclus die, and the female apisto is in the quarantine tank with a bad case of dropsy. I don't think she's gonna make it 😔.
  7. I put them in a specimen container I had. Would the be good there until tonight? Do they need aeration?
  8. I just made my first batch of brine shrimp, and I was wondering what's the best way to prwserve them for feeding my fiah again tonight, and how long they can be preserved for. Thanks!
  9. Went to Aquarium Coop to get some shrimp and goodies. I got the artemia blender and I'm super eager to try it out; I've never hatched artemia before, so I'm pretty excited!
  10. I thought I'd give an update... it turned out to be dropsy. After a couple of days she was super bloated and her tail clamped. I put her in the quarantine tank. I've been doing a treatment of salt and erythromycin. The bloating is receding and, after a couple of days, she's not hiding anymore and is out and about, eating well. I know dropsy is hard to beat, but at least she seems to be getting better.
  11. It's strange, because otherwise she seems ok and her appetite is normal. I just saw her poop too and the feces looked normal. Maybe I won't feed the tank for a couple of days, or at least I'll try to feed just the tetras
  12. My female Agassizii got super fat in the course of 2-3 days. I honestly don't know if she's full of eggs or sick. Can anyone help? If you think she's pregnant I can move this topic to the breeding section. Thanks! Temp. 79⁰F NO3 0 NO2 0 pH 6.5 KH 4 GH 6
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