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Peppered Cory Floating in quarantine.


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I got 3 new peppered cories on Sunday. Brought them home and put them straight in my quarantine tank and added the quarantine trio meds. When I checked on them after work today the largest appeared to be floating dead. I went to net him out and he swam away. He can swim, but mostly just rests floating on his side and seems to be gasping for air. I last checked on them last night before going to bed and all 3 seemed fine. Ammonia and nitrite both read as 0, nitrite very low maybe 10, chlorine 0 gh aroumd 75 kh around 40 and pH 6.2 (using tetra test strips)

I'm not sure what to do since my hospital tank is my quarantine tank so I can't separate the one from the other 2. 


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2 hours ago, Daniel said:

Corys have poison glands and release protein toxins when stressed. This can cause self poisoning if it happens while in a bag during transport.

REALLY?!  That is amazing, and biologically not that common I would think?

1 hour ago, ChefConfit said:

Update, the Corry passed away. Other two appear to still be fine


I'm sorry to hear this. 😥

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I just medicated last night 12 peppered cory cats that I had delivered. They are all floating now. It looks like they are still alive and can swim around but they are having trouble not floating. Any suggestions? I used the med trio. I am not sure what details I can provide, but let me know and I can get that information.

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The order Siluriformes represents catfish and is scaleless. This order falls under a sub class teleost. Which forgive me I don’t remember the spelling of the archi....something class they are in. The class was divided. I think all armored are scaleless and the armor plates and spines were evolved as a countermeasure for lack of true scales.....don’t quote me on that but I’m running with it. ><
I had a neurobiologist professor who studied archer fish and altering line of sight and hunting technique variations. He also did something with fish and music which could be kind of creepy in the basement during late nights or early mornings. My love of fish didn’t win me too many points as I can attest to....I steered clear of them for my final paper in animal behavior and went with my second love, herps. My paper was on poisonous reptiles and the adaptation’s acquisition, use and impact on behaviors. I received a fair grade despite my lengthy research....A- 

I did not include a taxonomy chart of all poisonous reptiles which he was interested in.... (eyeroll). 15 years later and I’m still bitter....especially one test question on birds where a single word landed me a B instead of an A. 
I think I gave him a run for his money in neurobio class. His recommendation letter was the most interesting piece I’ve even seen written. “Should be in research. Will question everything with unending scrutiny and must be correct.”

something along those lines. Lol. 

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