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I keep losing cichlids. The only groups I have doing well are wild caught or offspring born into my water from parents that spawned and died soon after. 

The latest issue to arise is my last angelfish has started showing what I believe to be beginnings of hole in the head disease. I have lost two angels already to severe tissue erosion on their heads and treatment with General Cure, salt and frequent water changes only seemed to drag out the inevitable. This angelfish had been through the rounds of GC previously because of its exposure to the other angels. It has been living in a 38 gallon tank with cardinal tetras. The tank was moved to a new location and rescaped recently but other than that things have been consistent.

Temp 77

Nitrate 10-20ppm

Nitrite 0

Ammonia 0

Gh/Kh 3/3

Weekly 25% water changes

I'm wondering if my source for cichlids is the issue. Angles, Kribs from the same place have all had fell apart and passed within a year. Offspring of those fish are going strong, as are wild fish bought from same place. 

What to do? Is there a medicated food to try for hole in the head anyone suggests? Does this even look like hole in the head?


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5 minutes ago, FlyingFishKeeper said:

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't 3 dGH soft water and cichlids like harder water at 12-18 dGH?

It is soft water. Harder water cichlids are more of the "African Cichlid" types from the rift lakes region. Angelfish, a south american cichlid should be happy in soft water...in general. 

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1 hour ago, Dancing Matt said:

What is the PH?

Ph is 7.0-7.2 with api liquid kit. 

1 hour ago, Colu said:

It looks like a parasite I would treat with API general cure and salt 1table spoon for 2 gallons

Started dosing General Cure--following manufacturer instructions-- begining on dec4 with my original post. Definitely looks like something crawled out of his head. Gnarly. Wondering if there's any sort of positive Id on what this thing is. 

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@Struggle looks very similar. Thanks for sharing the thread, good to see the treatment worked. Ive lost two other angels and a krib from what looks like these white pimples that appear and leave open sores. General Cure and salt seem to hold it off but they never fully recovered, unfortunately. We'll see if this fella has better luck. 

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