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Tubbin' Time - Nerm Week 2022

Hello everyone! This is the thread for the "Tubbin' Time" aquascape competition, please glance over this post before making your entry.

Tubbin' Time | 2022  NERM Week Fish Photo Comps Explanation

This is the best aquarium in terms of appearance AND function. The submitted tank/body of water must not be an aquarium (i.e. transparent glass constuction).


Please submit one picture of the full setup. You may include up to 3 separate files that highlight certain characteristics of your setup.

Tubbin' Time Rules and Guidelines:

Stay within the guidelines of the forum.

The setup must be your own.

The setup must be a suitable environment for your animals.

The setup must have had aquatic life bred in it at one point or another

Invalid Posts:

If your post does not comply with our rules/ guidelines you will be private messaged for the post to be fixed. If the post has not been fixed by Wednesday at noon, your post becomes invalid. Any members post thats does not comply with our rules/guidelines will receive a private message.

Best of luck to all! 

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110G tub

This is my first outside tub, it’s been so interesting seeing the differences from inside and outside fish/ plant keeping. Main goal of this tub is learning what I can about ponds/ tubs and do better next year. Also a big goal is breeding fish and shrimp. I have started with 8 White Cloud Mountain Minnows all 6-8 months old, 10-15 guppies ages 2 day olds to 8-10 weeks old, 20 ish cherry shrimp juveniles to a couple full grown M/F, and some pond snails. Not doing much of anything as far as maintenance (adding plants is all), been letting rain water do top offs, and feeding daily. I have 1 large aquarium co-op sponge filter, a small water level sponge filter, and a small fountain running constantly.

First days⬇️BF1FE610-7C9B-4D18-81A5-07FEBFCE07B8.jpeg.63f4d52477873d4ceade7639774dbd65.jpeg

1 month-ish ⬇️3CC1F51A-D105-4337-A426-6CDDE2977A1A.jpeg.dc5b6c734ab62515a18431ddf237332c.jpeg

Fountain and backgound ducks/ geese ⬇️1357156E-DC00-42E0-8C3A-C09940D2D17C.jpeg.d1b60db7ee03c960a06c8374b0f13466.jpeg

As it sits today ⬇️162E96DF-4308-4E3E-9AC3-2C4F409C11E4.jpeg.c3fb701cfa483cb2c235d890d8a901e6.jpeg

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@Guppysnail thank you so much, it’s been fun so far. The plants in the black pot that is center is sitting on a pot that is a couple inches bigger turned upside down plenty of holes drilled for fish/ invertebrates. The plants in the front group are in a floating pot also have another floating pot to the right of the center pot but it’s hidden by the plants, I got them from a local nursery they have worked out great. 

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1530982500_TheTub.jpeg.2f33b0b48a05519220c3b3f799bd0dc7.jpegThis the second full summer with this tub.  Last year I bred mollys in it, but at the end of the season I put 2 fantail goldfish in it.  Figured they could over winter in the tub, grow a little bit, and I could sell them in the spring.  Not so much.

My wife really likes the goldfish, so i added a few more, plus some white clouds.1901944774_Tub2.jpeg.979b701c991f5f9771c95440a5304ced.jpeg




I also learned that if you bend the stems of you Papyrus plants, the little poofy part will propagate.  Gotta love free plants.

the tub attracts all sorts of living things.1116277102_Pondsnail.jpeg.ff9688fd7fc8239c9ba399bc29f6610d.jpeg



I feel like I've over-shared these pictures, If so, sorry.

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