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Our Corydoras Eques finally had a successful spawn. We're so proud to be new parents!

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We purchased the lovely school of (8) Corydoras Eques (Horseman's Cory) from le Coop on January 15th. They had apparently been wild-caught, and brought in by a jovial master breeder we all know and love. We were told that they had lived on the retail shelf for nearly a year and were difficult to spawn. Challenge accepted!

A couple of months after bringing these lovely fish home, we're now the proud parents of at least a single Eques fry. We were initially placing eggs into a tumbler in an attempt to avoid any fungal growth, but nothing ever hatched - I think fertilization is what we were missing. After several spawns of 40+ eggs, I decided to just leave them on the glass where they were deposited. While many of the eggs would be removed, presumably by the parents due to infertility, we finally had this little fry swim to the front at feeding time on March 7th.

A couple of the photos are blurry, but they were the best photos I had with which I can demonstrate the size in comparison to the adults. Love these fish - they're like little velveteen rabbits!







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Congratulations hopefully you will have a lot more success breeding is always a bit of  trial and error till you find what  works I had good success breeding panda Cory's in a species only tank with a thick layer of Javan moss and regular large water changes with cooler water you could also try a spawning mop 

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