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  1. Ivanacara adoketa might be an idea but i am not sure about the tank dimensions but are a great option.
  2. I am going to have a breeding tank for shrimp and bristlenose is there anything else you would add? Will have dense pockets of vegetation.
  3. Dimensions in cm: 120 long, 40 wide, 45 high.
  4. I have an addiction to bottom dwellers and cichlids but I have a local lfs the owner has forty years of experience with the hobby and twenty years of experience with a shop and I will ask him if I can have them together
  5. Forgot to mention that I have upgraded the filter to a ncf aqua nova 1000 and i am wondering if I can have rice fish, my lfs has medaka and javanese
  6. I don't know but I was told that it is a good fish for my aquarium and size wise as well.
  7. So cool I would love to have some but I haven't seen them private or in my lfs i will have to ask them
  8. My go to lfs is an amazing place they always ask if they can help their customers and have amazing display tanks and every tank is clean . they keep their bettas in divided tanks and their females with the other fish. They do quarantine their fish and treat anything that they see is a disease and they have an amazing plants separated in cups and four tanks they have every medicine you need. Additionally they have an amazing dry good selection. They continue to bring in new fish they also have a big saltwater fish tank that you se when you walk in. Even better they breed their own fish when they have the time the owner has forty years of experience with the hobby including being the first person in the world to breed a pleco can't remember the name but as fry and juveniles they have a orange fin tips
  9. Cool eba's are on my wishlist. I keep mostly cichlids and bottom dwellers with some livebearers and tetras
  10. I don't have white clouds but I am trying to breed some cichlids including a pair of ivanacara adoketa male in front and female in the background.
  11. I would do angelfish, dwarf cichlids and Plecos or Corydoras
  12. I would do maby six pand corys and 1 gourami or a male apistogramma I agree with the others about the guppies. Also what filtration do you have
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