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  1. We purchased the lovely school of (8) Corydoras Eques (Horseman's Cory) from le Coop on January 15th. They had apparently been wild-caught, and brought in by a jovial master breeder we all know and love. We were told that they had lived on the retail shelf for nearly a year and were difficult to spawn. Challenge accepted! A couple of months after bringing these lovely fish home, we're now the proud parents of at least a single Eques fry. We were initially placing eggs into a tumbler in an attempt to avoid any fungal growth, but nothing ever hatched - I think fertilization is what we were missing. After several spawns of 40+ eggs, I decided to just leave them on the glass where they were deposited. While many of the eggs would be removed, presumably by the parents due to infertility, we finally had this little fry swim to the front at feeding time on March 7th. A couple of the photos are blurry, but they were the best photos I had with which I can demonstrate the size in comparison to the adults. Love these fish - they're like little velveteen rabbits!
  2. I found this official Aqueon tank-size chart a while back when planning my fish racks, and thought I'd post it here for anyone who is looking for a good source of common aquarium sizes. Happy fishkeeping!
  3. Corydoras Eques from the Co-op spawned today! Brought the whole school of 8 home about a month ago.
  4. I love dried tubi worms! I stick them to the glass a couple inches above the bed in my 29-gallon community tank. The Cory cats and Mollies will swarm it, which allows a lot of the worms to float up so my dwarf frogs the opportunity to graze. Whenever I have someone feed my fish if I'm out of town, I can feel confident that a block of dried tubi worms on the glass will take care of my entire tank. I've also recently purchased a nano sponge filter which I modified to fit into a 2.5 gallon planted tank that will house snails and shrimp on my girlfriend's office desk. I cut the sponge in half, removed one of the two internal risers, and nipped off the little nipple on the bottom. This leaves just enough room for a ziss airstone with *zero* excess airline. It's quite the impressive little filter -- I'll have to share photos of it, sometime!
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