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Found 7 results

  1. We purchased the lovely school of (8) Corydoras Eques (Horseman's Cory) from le Coop on January 15th. They had apparently been wild-caught, and brought in by a jovial master breeder we all know and love. We were told that they had lived on the retail shelf for nearly a year and were difficult to spawn. Challenge accepted! A couple of months after bringing these lovely fish home, we're now the proud parents of at least a single Eques fry. We were initially placing eggs into a tumbler in an attempt to avoid any fungal growth, but nothing ever hatched - I think fertilization is what we were missing. After several spawns of 40+ eggs, I decided to just leave them on the glass where they were deposited. While many of the eggs would be removed, presumably by the parents due to infertility, we finally had this little fry swim to the front at feeding time on March 7th. A couple of the photos are blurry, but they were the best photos I had with which I can demonstrate the size in comparison to the adults. Love these fish - they're like little velveteen rabbits!
  2. Hi all, I had a nice surprise today when I found my first fry from reticulated hillstream loaches. They are so small that it's a little hard to get good pictures but here are a few: Here are some of the adults in the middle of some breeding behavior: I'll continue to take pictures as they develop. I'm sure the detail will improve as they grow. This was a 10 gallon tank holding a small group of adults about 50/50 male and female. It's unheated and temperature fluctuates from 70-74. The substrate is coarse sand with some smooth river rocks scattered around. I use a sponge for filtration and occasionally turn on a small submersible pump to give them some current. I've been feeding them live BBS (that's why I don't use the pump much) in addition to occasional frozen blood worms and repashy soilent green. There is very little algae in the tank. pH is fairly neutral and hardness is fairly soft in both gH and kH.
  3. Hey all, I recently made myself a spawning cave that allows me to watch the activities inside through a camera feed. In case you have ever been curious what it looks like when Kribensis spawn, here it is! Can't wait to try this out on apistos.
  4. So, I have noticed an odd behavior in one of my danios, and I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this before, or has any insight on this. Backstory: Tank is a 55Gallon approximately, and currently houses 8 zebra danios, 11 cardinal tetras, 2 young (pre-breedable/sexable) bristlenose plecos, 2 nerite snails, and a few snails that probably snuck in on some Co Op plants. Ammonia/Nitrite both have been consistantly 0, nitrates were between 10-20ppm, and have been declining since ich, and feeding has been reduced. Tank has been treated for visible ich for the last 5 days, (caught very early, 3-4 visible spots on a few fish, mostly the cardinals but there were a few on danios, I have no way of knowing if the danio in question was affected.) and today will be the last day, as I've seen no visible signs, unless I see something tomorrow morning. Danios seem to stress a little when I added the meds, as they went from basically being all over the place, to all of them at once the first time I added it, second day about half of them schooled, the rest were completely oblivious, and remaining days, they might have schooled for a short period, then went back about their lives. From what I can tell, danio X is a male, please correct me if you know me to be wrong. The Spawn-Camping: So the best I can describe the behavior is that he is camping in this one spot, and chasing (almost) all of the other danios away. There was one time I noticed an exception where he and an apparent female, seemed less like they were chasing, and more like what I witnessed in an example egg-scatterer breeding behavior video, where they were moving in more of a dance, circling each other and even touching a few times, though they were away from his "camp," but not super far. it seems like he may have been either eating something coming up from the rocks, or attempting to, maybe...? (i've been staring at him quite awhile today, I might be making things up in my head.) From the research I have done, I didn't find anything substantial about danios being territorial, nor any kind of egg-guarding behavior, in fact I presume they will eat their eggs, due to their general derpiness. I have no reason to believe he is ill, or that something is wrong, when I shined a flashlight in to see if I noticed anything in the cracks, he fled pretty quick, and has been very energetic in chasing the trespassers away. Any insight or theories, or potential experiments to find out more would be greatly appreciated. I am really enjoying danios, and their general crazy derpieness, they may get their own tank when I get my angelfish, as I suspect they will annoy the hell out of my angels! My theories are: Guarding terretory Guarding eggs Guarding something delicious that is HIS! Just being VERY committed to being a derpy danio I shot 2 videos of the behavior, a 5 minute real-time video, as well as a time-lapse over 2-3hours while I was doing other stuff. Real-time: Time-lapse:
  5. Nerms..... My hairy puffers have formed a pair from my 3 in my "guesstimation". Color changes and heavy, what i am assuming, can only be pre-spawning behaviors and courtship. Im so pumped to see the process i started in 2018 possibly result in fry i figured i would share witth the crew. So awesome just to get a pair formed and displaying like that ive been updating the videos all day. Lol
  6. Hi all! I think my apistos heard the livestream playing on TV and decided to spawn for me. Every new species I see breed is just as exciting as the first. Male and female spent a couple of hours holed up in the cave shown below. It's completely dark in the back so I did my best to illuminate a bit for a photo. You can see the female tending to the new eggs. Can't wait to see some fry!
  7. Rice, rice, baby! Just saw that my gold medaka ricefish eggs have hatched!!! 10 days exactly since they were laid! I'm very excited and just wanted to share my happiness! This is the first egg laying fish that I have intentionally spawned. I am excited to grow them out and spread them into the hobby! They are SO tiny! I should be seeing more in the coming days as they have been spawning every day for the past 10 days. That's so many eggs! 😊😊😊
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