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Hello From Cali!


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Hey all!

Glad to now become part of the forum! Big fan of Aquarium Co-op, and you all seem like very knowledgeable people.

I only have a 10 gallon right now, but hopefully getting another tank sometime soon. Very addicting hobby, and I am looking for a place (like this) to help answer my random questions, as the only fish-stores I have near me are Petco, Petsmart, and a pet store that primarily carries dog / cat supplies, but has more knowledgeable aquarium people than the latter.

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It has just some mystery snails until the tank has some seasoning on it. It is pretty heavily planted with java fern, anubias (congensis...?), hydrocotle tripartita, rotala rotundofolia, java moss, and what looks like micro swords. For floaters I have frogbit and a bit of salvinia. I have plans to turn it into a shrimp tank after it runs for another month or two.

And my plan is that, if I am successful in getting a colony started, I could toss in a centerpiece fish to pull everything together.  Was looking at a single pea puffer, as they seem like they would be one of the least detrimental to shrimp (also they are just so darn cute!).

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