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  1. I had my female betta raised from baby in a tank with a few mollies. She clearly doesn’t like them as the mollies are food hogs and get pushy when fed. If you can isolate the feeding times they’ll probably be ok, but my girl became very timid.
  2. At least at my plant, yes. Otherwise it may end up stuck in a truck at a station until Monday morning dispatch. Your results by plant may differ so I can only speak anecdotally.
  3. Hey I’m the guy that handles my local plants priority express mail that comes through. We hold any Live mail in the plant that arrives Saturday night until tonight (Sunday) for Monday morning dispatch and delivery.
  4. I collected some stunning melanistic male eastern mosquistofish but they ravaged the non-MF tails in the tank. And I’ve seen the videos of females charging fish to burst their swim bladders. Crazy little guys.
  5. If your ph is stable at 6.5-6.8 I wouldn’t do a thing if your goal is to be near neutral. Your shrimp may even thank you for it. You’ll probably cause more stress chasing a ph that your tank won’t stabilize at. If you are desperate to buffer/raise ph you can try adding a quantity of crushed coral to your filter.
  6. Glad I’m not the only one with this experience. Had two mollies with bacterial infection, moved them in saltwater QT, bam instantly had babies. Three weeks later moved one into a separate tank to keep her away from Dad’s relentless love and bam she had 50 babies. 😆 You may find that slowly adding in water from home tank into LFS bag helps reduce the stress a bit. This allows them to slowly adjust to the difference in ph.
  7. Yes I reached out to him but I think the desire is to source locally. The LKs are truly everywhere here, not surprised they tagalong some guppies. We have those eastern mosquitofish here (gambusia holbrooki) which I guess can be bred with guppies but they are little demon fish, there’s a video floating around of a female eastern mosquitofish that murders a guys entire tank.
  8. Was doing some 3AM tank maintenance after the stream and caught some baby least killifish hanging out 🙂 https://youtu.be/OS7aavFh5I4
  9. I have these mollies, least killifish, and eastern mosquitofish (plenty of melanistic males) in the drainage ditch 15 feet from my front door, truly blessed from a fish perspective. Yes and he’s the largest I’ve pulled out by at least a x2 factor. My wife thinks I found their king lol.
  10. You can dip them out of most drainage here by the hundreds, but this guy was exceptionally pretty 🙂
  11. Collected this handsome guy in west Fl today. My phone freaked out and triple posted can someone please delete this duplicate? Sorry!
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