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Gazoo the pea puffer ** that little $%#@!

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Hi Everyone!

I have a funny story about "Gazoo" my little pea puffer!

I was going around my tanks adding ferts saying my hello's etc... I get to Gazoo's tank. He doesn't come up like he usually does. My hear IMMEDIATLY sinks, and I think to myself OH NO! Not my GAZOO!

I turn on the tank lights, and continue to look .. nothing.. TAKE all the stuff out of the tank.. NOTHING.. He is no where! Now.. I am FREAKING OUT. 

Then I stop.. and think to myself... NO.. NO WAY.. He couldn't be in there?? I slowly open the sump drawer (that holds my filter media, heater and filter pump (see first picture) and THERE he was! Looking right up at me as if to say.. oh hey lady.. watsup! 

I had to think how I was going to get him out of there.. but was able to do it quickly and plop him back in the tank using a square shrimp net! I kept telling him.. "stay calm" DON'T PUFF! LOL

Gazoo LOVES to chase floating snails (dead or alive). when I looked in the drawer there were some dead snail shells in there.. what I am thinking is that he must of jumped to get what he thought was a fresh snail meal, and went a little too far.. and went for a water slide ride through the VERY top of the overflow (there is a decent hole just above those slots) right into the filter drawer!

I used some ACO coarse filter media to block the large holes so he can't jump into it again chasing snails!!

He is safe and sound in his 5 gallon oasis! 

5 Gallon filter area.jpg

Return or over flow.PNG

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@Guppysnail He is! That is also why he is alone! He would terrorize EVERYTHING in the tank with him! He is my favorite fish and he always makes me laugh.. pea puffers as just so cute! His curiosity got the best of him this time though.. haha!

I got him a floating Christmas ball to put in his tank.. that should keep him entertained for a bit! LOL! 

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@DaveO sorry for the delayed response. Yes its a Fishtastic 5G. I purchased it for 39$ (on sale) from my LFS. The entire filtration system (and my heater) fits into the sliding draw under the tank. It works like a overflow/drain sump system. The Tank volume is 5 Gallons and the Sump has a 1.5 gallon capacity. It came with those Aqueon Power filter pads but those were "bye bye" I added AQO sponge and filter floss. The tank is a true 5 G so there is no volume lost because of filter stuff in the back! Which is why I loved this design so much! (* Hint Hint to some fish nerds.. brilliant idea HERE.. design idea potential LOL)! 

Its a cool little tank and perfect for my single Pea Puffer demon LOL. I think the ONLY thing is the small hole to access the top with. Its workable, but if you have big hands... forget it. My light did die, and I had to figure something out..

I got a glass picture frame, used the glass only for a top, and purchased a small light to put on top of it. TADA! I attached an updated picture below. I purchased a floating Christmas ball for his tank.. and he loves it!

I think my LFS might have some left in stock, but I think that they may have discontinued it.. which is too bad.. it was good for fresh and salt water set ups.. 

Fishtastic 5 Gallon Fish Tank Info.PNG

Gazoo Tank 2021.jpg

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