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Working the old identification muscles

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I think it's fun when I get the chance to help identify a fish. I would guess others on here get similar satisfaction from it. Feel free to post a picture (doesn't have to be yours) of a fish or plant. If you would like help identifying give us as much info as you have on it. Or if you know what it is and you want to give others the chance to give their best at an ID feel free to post a pic to see if others can get it. This can also be a chance to learn about new species.

I'll start can any one ID this fish. I'll give you a hint it's a US native



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I just got into fishing, about two weeks ago, for the personal purpose of surveying the populations of native fish in my area. I have been using the Peterson field guide and the National Audubon Society field guide to fishes. It's pretty hard still with all the variation wild fish could have compared to the images provided. I've learned that the answer usually lies somewhere between the books and Google.16020074489271521801180.jpg.7665d28c309c124e59119528488635d1.jpg

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@MACgreen swordtail? I will say Livebearers are not my specialty


@Danielthat is a cool little sunny. I've had blue spotted in the past and mine was a lot darker. I think that could also be a banded sunfish (Enneacanthus obesusbut Juvenile colors always make it hard to tell the difference with the native sunfishes  

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