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my terrariums, jarrariums, bowls, and tanks


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terrariums/jarrariums are quickly catching up to aquariums as my favorite and they are even more dangerous because they can be small. not much you can keep in a small tank but you can in a terrarium. and there are no water changes and if set up correctly, no maintenance besides plant trimming and an occasional misting. no filters, heaters, etc needed. 

sales pitch over 😂

this was my jumping spider’s previous terrarium set up:


not too bad but im not a fan of tank gravel and i wanted to make it bioactive with scavengers/detritivores like isopodes which cant live in the gravel.

and the remake:



you can see her at the top center


lots of ivy in the back that is going to take over hopefully soon.


alder cones as small pine cones


i really wanted to give her lots of branches and decorations to climb on and wanted it to look like an overgrown forest. im pretty pleased with it. 

plants: moss (a wildtype i dont know from my backyard, sphagnum, spanish, and sheet), arrowhead, english ivy, and the plant that is sold for aquariums but is terrestrial that i cant remember the name of.

substrate: rocks as a drainage area, bioactive terrarium substrate mix, topped with a mix of fluorite and stratum. the terrarium substrate ive had in a tub with a culture of springtails in it. 


ill be adding more of my little projects in this thread 😊



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i decided to make this thread a master thread of all the little things i put together. i couldn’t sleep last night so i put together a couple little spice jars i got from ikea and wanted to share.








the soil is a terrarium mix that i have a culture of springtails growing in so hopefully those help keep these going. i have an idea using some branches for the third one but id love to hear any for the final. they’re about 3” in size so tiny jars. 

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These are very cool. I actually did a few today, myself, using stones and moss from a recent vacation. I love yours thought. I have one that has little gnats...It is an enclosed one...do you have any ideas on how to remedy this? Thanks. 


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12 hours ago, Rene said:

These are very cool. I actually did a few today, myself, using stones and moss from a recent vacation. I love yours thought. I have one that has little gnats...It is an enclosed one...do you have any ideas on how to remedy this? Thanks. 


what kind of substrate/soil are you using? the gnats lay eggs in soil and really thrive in damp conditions. my first step would be to let the soil dry out completely. you can then cap the soil with either a layer of sand or gravel which the gnats cannot get through to lay their eggs. the hatched flies cannot climb back out and will die in the soil. i prefer to make mine all natural and a mini ecosystem so i have a culture of springtails going in my substrate mix that should over time outcompete the gnats.


theyre the little white spots all over, super easy to culture and i keep them going in a storage bin with substrate that i pull from whenever i make a terrarium of any kind. 

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it's been a while but i have had this bowl set up for over 6 months now. everything is grown from those assorted seed packets from ebay. i am using fluval stratum as the soil and keep it covered 24/7 with clingwrap. It was set up in the beginning of december. i didn't think to grab any photos of me first setting it up but just imagine a bowl with stratum in it and that's all there was. it gets direct sunlight from the window and is zero maintenance.

this is what it looked like in march about 3.5 months later.




and this is what it looks like as of today



now that i'm having some more free time im excited to play with more jars and bowls. i have quite a few in storage i can use and i'll try to be more active on this thread. thanks for looking!

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On 6/20/2021 at 8:06 PM, Patrick_G said:

Wow, it’s beautiful, let’s see some of the others I see lurking out of frame!😀

thank you! i'm going to be setting some more up soon and i'll update this post with the rest of them ☺️


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